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Fans Believe Ecco2K Came Out Through a Music Video

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Questions surrounding Ecco2K’s sexuality have always loomed large. Since the singer’s lyrics are enticing to many, some often say that Ecco2K is gay.

Furthermore, many fans have questioned if the artist came out of the closet from the music video of his song ‘Amygdala.’

Did Ecco2K Come Out as a Gay Person?

After watching Ecco2K and Bladee together in the music video of their song ‘Amygdala,’ many fans started asking if the singer was gay.

There are users on the forum site ktt2 who have said that Ecco2k has been out. However, there has not been any confirmation from Ecco2k himself surrounding his sexual orientation.

One user mentioned that the music video was set up as an actual coming-out video. The user also stated that the singer had been nonbinary for a minute and was referring to Ecco2K with the ‘they/them’ pronouns.

There are instances in the music video, especially in the outro, that show that people and the press are hounding the artists over their revealing.

In addition, some Reddit users were hundred percent sure that not just Ecco2K but Bladee too was gay. Some have even said that ‘Amygdala’ is a queer anthem.

Fans have often said Ecco2K is gay. [Source: Reddit]

Also, the singer, who refused to conform to anyone else’s box, liked to talk about personhood because he fought to be himself. He got to know himself better by expressing what he felt, and the expression got sharper the more he learned about who he was.

So, could it be the song ‘Amydala’ might be a way for Ecco2K to learn about himself?

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Ecco2K’s Sexuality Explored

Apart from that, Ecco2K’s fans are also curious if he is bisexual.

Ecco2K has a unique sense of fashion. Since he dresses up and sings differently from the other artists, questions regarding the ‘Amygdala’ singer’s sexuality started to rise.

One Reddit user wrote, “I am serious. I’m a Korean… I don’t know his sexuality. I’m not making fun of him!!! I’m a big fan. But he kind of looks a bit like he could like guys. Please let me know.”

Another user replied, “Just because some girl wear suits a lot doesn’t mean they like girls. Thank you for your answer. But haha I’m still curious hehe. I also strongly agree that his feminine masculinity is srsly charming as well.”

Ecco2K’s sexuality has always been a topic of discussion. [Source: Instagram]

Moreover, thanks to Ecco2K’s lyrics, many have found their true sexual orientation. As per a review on Music Board, a user stated how the music video of ‘Peroxide’ evoked a yearning that he hadn’t felt before.

It was only after listening to Ecco2K’s album E the user started realizing that he liked boys.

There is also yet another version of ‘Peroxide’ titled ‘Gayroxide’ by the artist Ecco2Gay. It is not sure if they are the same singer or if it is just a parody with many expletive lyrics.

There are also t-shirts that are quite famous with the print, ‘IM NOT GAY BUT ECCO2K IS ECCO2K.’ So basically, many fans adore the singer regardless of his sexuality.

In conclusion, until and unless Ecco2K addresses the matter himself, the details surrounding his sexuality are just mere speculations and rumors.

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Learn More about Ecco2K

Ecco2K’s real name is Zak Arogundade. He was raised in Stockholm and London with his mother and father, respectively.

He became popular thanks to his group, Drain Gang. It is a music group from Stockholm, Sweden, that focuses on music as well as fashion. Bladee, and Thaiboy Digital, are the vocalists alongside Ecco2K, and Whitearmor is the producer of the group.

All of them are childhood friends and formerly went by Gravity Boys. In the beginning, they collaborated with Sad Boys, another collective from Stockholm.

Ecco2K is much more than a musician. He is also into graphic design, like his dad. He started Alaska, his first fashion brand, at just the age of 16.

The singer has also designed for the Swedish sneaker brand Eytys and left his day job there in 2018. In the same year, he also walked the Alyx runway show.

In the end, Ecco2K being gay or not gay will not change the fact that he is a talented artist. He has always been trying to maintain his privacy and even kept his Instagram private some years back.