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Noahj456 Has Already Moved on from His Wife

Binesh Shrestha


While there have still been speculations surrounding Noahj456’s divorce from his wife Martina, it looks like he has already moved on. The YouTuber made his current relationship Instagram official after uploading a photo with his new partner.

The post was pretty obvious, as the caption contained a happy dog emoticon followed by a love emoji.

Who Is Noahj456’s Girlfriend?

At the moment, Noahj456 is enjoying a blissful relationship with Evergreenily. The YouTuber introduced his current love interest in July 2023 with a series of photos.

Noahj456 with his new partner. [Source: Instagram]

Well, Evergreenily is a game developer. As per her Twitter bio, she works as a user experience designer at Odyssey Studio. She has also mentioned Luna Ly, a freelance model, alongside a diamond ring emoji there.

Besides developing and making video games, she also loves playing them. Alongside other things, she is also interested in arts, poetry, and books and considers herself a sci-fi anime star wars valor.

According to her Twitch profile, she also hosts mental health streams and loves drawing and designing her own things.

Evergreenily can also be considered a social media star considering her thousands of followers. She has over 11.7K followers on Instagram and almost double followers on Twitter with 23.1K followers.

As for her Twitch account, she has over 5K followers.

Coming to the pair’s relationship, the beautiful game designer first featured Noah in her account in May 2023, when they were attending the Electric Daisy Carnival.

It wasn’t quite sure back then if they were just friends or indeed dating.

Then she too made her relationship Instagram official a day later than her beau. She captioned the photo “my maliboo (๑و•̀ω•́)و✧”

It is quite easy to presume that the adorable couple hasn’t been in a relationship for that long, keeping in mind their recent posts.

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Divorce from Wife?

As stated earlier, there are still speculations surrounding if the divorce has been finalized between Noah and his wife Martina or not.

Fans started expressing their concerns two years ago when they started detecting that neither Noah nor Martina were wearing their wedding rings.

Fans’ speculation over Noahj456’s separation. [Source: Reddit]

Well, Martina used to take her rings off at times while baking.

They also noticed Noah was attending a ton of music festivals and was residing in LA in an apartment. Many fans assumed they were just taking a break or separated.

Then in the last week of November 2021, Martina tweeted a cryptic tweet mentioning she wasn’t okay and asked to send cute or funny pictures. She hasn’t tweeted anything since.

Could it be the former pair’s relationship had already gone downhill by then? Furthermore, there were no posts on Valentine’s Day from either side.

Nevertheless, it is quite evident now that the former married duo are no longer together. It is only up to them if they decide to come forward and clear the uncertainty regarding their divorce.

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Noah and Martina Married in 2018

Martina’s Twitter cover photo still is the wedding picture of the now broken-up duo. They married in March 2018 after some time of dating.

When they were still together, Noah often shared photos of his wife. But now there are hardly any snaps of the couple. Plus, with Martina’s Instagram being private, it is quite possible she, too, might have deleted their photos.

Martina was also a caring and loving wife. She is interested in baking and used to often make different delicacies for her former partner.

The only video she has uploaded on her YouTube channel is of her baking a cake for Noah. Her channel has been idle since August 2021.

In the end, Noah and his wife Martina are no longer a couple. The YouTuber has already moved on, however, not much is known about his former love.