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The wife of Dan Abrams: Florinka Pesenti – Learn more about her


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Although Florinka Pesenti is best known in the public sphere as the wife of television entrepreneur Dan Abrams, she is a professional success in her own right.

Then again, Pesenti historically hasn’t been a fan of putting her personal life in the public eye. This is also true of her partner Abrams.

Despite spending the majority of his career in front of the camera, it is surprising how little Abrams has shared about his life as a family man. So much so that it is still up for debate if Pesenti is technically and legally his wife.

Dan Abrams and his supposed wife Florinka Pesenti with their children [Photo: Instagram]

How Dan Abrams Met Florinka Pesenti

The Pesenti-Abrams romance dates back to 2009 when they met in a media hive meant to celebrate ‘The Hunger,’ a memoir authored by John DeLucie.

Over an interview with The New York Times, Pesenti admitted that the celebration wasn’t the first time she crossed paths with Adams. She had met him a couple of times before.

However, Abrams couldn’t recall any such encounters. Nevertheless, the beautiful publicist didn’t hold that against her beau.

“We had met a few times before, which Dan claims didn’t happen, but he meets a lot more people than I do, and he was famous,” she said. “So it stuck with me much more than it did with him.”

The couple has since been together. They had a beautiful son by the name of Everett Adams in June 2012; and a daughter Emilia Adams in February 2021.

Dan Abrams & Florinka Pesenti’s Journey to Parenthood

When Pesenti met Abrams at that event, she had just gotten out of a serious relationship. She was recovering and wasn’t looking to dip her toes back in the pool just yet.

Well, things began to change once she met her would-be partner. She wholeheartedly confessed that the attraction was immediate, and they did draw into one another.

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However, she also admitted that, back then, Abrams wasn’t “a relationship person.” In a way, it worked to her advantage because she, too, needed some space to recuperate.

Putting their mutual attraction aside, Pesenti and Adams dated other people for a while before finding their way back to one another.

Things supposedly fell into place when they got to know each other well. The fact that the two have decided to have two children despite originally wanting none speaks volumes about how comfortable the two have gotten.

Dan Abrams & Florinka Pesenti Didn’t Want Children

In the same conversation, Pesenti’s partner shared that their home wasn’t prepared for a child. It was specifically designed to be “kids free.” Although, he was planning to renovate the home to accommodate his firstborn’s antics.

“The truth is that this room was supposed to be kid-free,” Abrams said of the living room before adding, “Every room is now Everett’s room. ‘Everett’s room’ is now the TV room, our room, his room, the bathroom — they’re all his rooms.”

Recalling what led the duo to change their minds, Pesenti confessed that it was as simple as “Oh, this feels right…”

Still, she recognized that their parenthood was somewhat unconventional because they hadn’t vowed to be man and wife yet. If Abrams calls her his wife now is still not certain as of this writing.

However, before welcoming their first child, they were definitely not married.

The couple did not seem to put much faith in the institution of marriage. Instead, they put all of their faith in one another. As the supposed wife said,

“Even though we’re very different people, we have a lot of the same philosophies on life. And we felt we were on very solid ground. That seemed to be a very good way to go into a crazy thing like parenthood.”

And, that was that.

About Florinka Pesenti

Pesenti is native to Italy, but she and her family moved to the States early on.

Her parents, Roberto, the bureau chief for an Italian newspaper, and Ilike, a photo editor, moved to the Upper East Side, New York, in 1984 with her younger brother Viktor.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Vassar College and, since then, has built a career in making and maintaining public relations for companies. She was also endorsed for her knowledge of luxury goods and fashion.

As of this writing, she is the Vice President of MacAndrews & Forbes, a private company that spans the cosmetics, entertainment, biotech, and military markets.