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How Much Is Gary Drayton’s Net Worth?

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Gary Drayton rose his prominence after being featured on the History Channel’s most popular reality show, The Curse of Oak Island. He has made a considerable net worth from the TV show and the relics he’s discovered.

Gary is a well-known metal-detecting expert and treasure hunter. From a very young age, he showed interest in treasure hunting.

Gary spent much of the years bottle-digging while growing up in Grimsby. His intrigue in old artifacts buried under the ground and the water drove him to transform his childhood passion into a full-time profession.

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From Treasure Hunting to Low-Key Millionaire

Gary Drayton made his childhood passion to full-time profession, which made him a low-key millionaire.

Gary has dug up many precious jewels and artifacts over the years. He always posted his findings on social media.

In addition to the foundational treasure, he made a sizeable sum of money from his official website, selling goods and advising aspiring treasure hunters.

Gary Drayton [Photo: Instagram]

The TV personality charged $1000 for a three-hour session. Moreover, Gary also customizes lessons as per the student’s capacity. He has also written several books focusing on different sorts of treasure hunting.

For instance, Water Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, The CTX 3030 Beach, Water Hunter’s Guide Gary Drayton, and others.

So, as per Cinemaholic, he had an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2021. He led a modest life despite having a sizable net worth.

Appeared In Several Treasure Hunting Shows

Initially, Gary Drayton started out as a bottle digger in the United Kingdom. There, he dug Victorin’s trash pits.

Gary dug through the mud along river banks to discover old bottles, clay pipes, and other artifacts. Nonetheless, one of the most notable finds was the discovery of a bottle, which was his oldest discovery and could be dated to the Roman occupation.

Then he moved to Florida and began detecting around the beaches of Florida. Gary used several search techniques garnered from years of research and studying.

Over the years, he has developed a lot of skills. His work as a metal-detecting expert and treasure finder caught the attention of production companies.

As a result, he was featured in several treasure-hunting shows. Gary also appeared in famous shows, including The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, The Curse of Oak Island, and The UnXplained.

While not working in front of the camera, he instructs individuals on Florida’s beaches to find hidden treasure.

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Most Amazing Discovery Ancient Incan Ring

Till-to-date, he had found various Jewelry pieces and Spanish treasures. However, he discovered the most valuable item worth $500,000.

Gary Drayton’s most notable discovery was a stunning gold ring studded with emeralds.

It was a Spanish emerald ring composed of 22 ½ carat Inca gold with nine emeralds embedded in it. According to his conjecture, the ring was a piece of Queen Isabella’s dowry.

In an episode of Beyond Oak Island on the History Channel, Gary claimed it was the best treasure ring ever found in America. From the video, it was clear that he was happy and proud of his find.

The ring was from the time when jewelers had to shape precious metals and cut priceless stones manually. It is an Impressive 22-karat Incan gold ring with nine flawlessly cut emeralds.

Gary-Drayton discovered 304-year-old Inca gold [Photo: Instagram]

Over the years, Gary has discovered many amazing things. Gary has developed a unique set of skills out of desire, making him one of history’s most well-known treasure hunters.