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What Happened to Blind Fury?

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Blind Fury has amassed a vast worldwide fan base with his amazing talent. Many of them wondered if the rapper was genuinely blind and what had actually happened to him in his past.

To answer the people’s questions, he is actually blind and was born with multiple birth abnormalities. Blind Fury’s real name is Stephen Norris.

Fury was born in Camden, South Carolina, with Spine defects, also called Spina-Bifida, and clubbed feet.

Tragically, he was born without an eyeball—not even the optic nerve—which prevented a chance of a transplant. With the birth disabilities, his future seemed uncertain.

Fury couldn’t even walk because of clubbed feet. In this situation, others believed that his mother should have given him up because they thought she could not handle it.

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Doctor Guided Blind Fury’s Mother On the Right Path

It’s a fortune that his mother was guided by a wonderful doctor in Camden, Dr. Thomas Josep. When all hope had been lost, the doctor showed her the right way and took the lead with her son’s treatment.

Nevertheless, Fury’s first six months were either spent at the hospital running batteries of tests or at a doctor’s office.

He had surgery on his spine to fix damages caused at birth when he was just two months old.

More surgery was done for several years on his spine to remove tumors altogether. Furthermore, Fury clubbed feet had to be broken and reset.

He was fitted with braces on both feet and learned to walk later than most. Facing unimaginable problems from day one, he couldn’t walk until he turned three.

Fury gradually recovered, and his mother also encouraged him.

Stephen’s mother Always Encouraged Him

Further, Fury’s mother always encouraged him not to say, “I can’t,” but to try. In the process of recovery, he also faced other health problems.

Because of his mother’s motivation, he never let his disabilities stop him from enjoying and participating the activities like other kids.

Fury started an Infant Stimulation Program in Camden when he was only ten. The program worked on all the gross motor skills and helped with independence.

Blind Fury
Blind Fury at Fayetteville, North Carolina [Photo: Instagram]

After dealing with the challenging situation, he was ready to begin public school and went to kindergarten when he was just three.

Then he attended public school in his hometown and graduated in May 2003. Stephen’s mother instilled in him that independence was an asset.

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Started His Career

Despite the odds, Fury began showing promise at a young age. He played the keyboard at four and learned to sing at 5.

As the years passed, at the age of nine, he began to create rhymes in his head on a daily basis.

In his early days, Fury and his friend Frank Wiz tried to come up with a good name for him to rap under. Obviously, his name came from his primary disability, his blindness.

Eventually, he began performing for the public. During one such session in a local South Carolina club, he was discovered by DJ Mellow, who eventually took the word up to his friends DJ Spice & Darell Jones about him.

Together, the trio took it upon themselves to introduce Fury’s talent to the world.

Blind Fury was shooting his new song in 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

They had formed the management company 3 WiseMen Entertainment. Simultaneously, Fury began to perfect his skills in the studio.

Fury dropped a few mixtapes at the time that would see moderate local success. Then he made a grand appearance on the Live Rockefeller Mc Battle.

But he made his ultimate mark on Bet’s 106 & Park freestyle Friday in 2010 and 2011. This was such a momentous occasion for his career.

There are so many videos of him destroying rappers and showcasing his prowess as one of the best freestyle artists ever.

He gained a massive fan following after winning the 106&Park Freestyle Friday. Blind Fury has released several Mixtapes till now.