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Fran Lebowitz Gushed about Her Supposed Partner Dolly Parton

Dinesh Shrestha


There used to be a time when Fran Lebowitz and Dolly Parton were rumored to be a thing. Nobody knows when and how the rumors of Parton being Lebowitz’s partner emerged.

Nevertheless, the rumor has still not been cleared. But that does not mean the author has not shied away from showing her admiration for Parton.

Lebowitz and Parton’s Relationship Truth

Fran Lebowitz and Dolly Parton were spotted multiple times together, enjoying each other company. This enhanced the rumors circulating the internet. However, both remained mum about it, keeping the fans confused.

According to Lebowitz, they might have met through Sandy Gallin, who was Parton’s manager. The singer shared an apartment on Fifth Avenue with Sandy for a long time, revealed Lebowitz in an interview with Paper.

Fran-Lebowitz-and-Dolly-Parton-Supposed Partner
Fran Lebowitz and Dolly Parton [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, the author also gushed about her supposed partner in the same interview. She said that Dolly was the country’s most well-known icon.

She also added that people who hate each other love Dolly Parton. Lebowitz had never listened to someone who said they didn’t like Parton or love her.

Fran also described Parton’s smartness and her musical influence over the nation. When asked if she found Dolly the same person in private as in public, the writer detailed that the scariest part was her smartness.

It was not that she seemed not smart, but she didn’t seem as smart as she actually was. Lebowitz stated that her assumed partner was just an unusual combination of things.

Dolly wrote an autobiography Lebowitz read, which the latter thought was terrific. “And it survived many moves. In other words, as I move, I go through my books, and I say I’m not going to want this book. I always kept Dolly’s book,” she said.

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The Longest Time that Lebowitz Dated Was Three Years

In an interview with Francesco Clemente at Interview Magazine, the interviewer revealed that one of his favorite quotes of Lebowitz was when she said she’d never dated anyone for longer than six months because she did not want to switch from boredom to contempt.

Lebowitz later stated that she never remembered saying that but confessed that she would have shortened the duration. She went on to say that she could not possibly date someone for more than six months.

Lebowitz might have said six months when she was younger, but her longest relationship was three years.

Fran Lebowitz [Photo: Facebook]

The author explained that she could not be monogamous as it tended to upset people. She didn’t like domestic problems, and that was the problem.

While she liked romance when she was young, she later believed it was the opposite of domestic life. The writer just didn’t want anyone in the apartment for longer than a few hours.

“Three or four hours, okay, fine,” she said. She just didn’t want to hear someone else walking around. “I am alternately very gregarious—very sociable—and then very solitary.”

Fran Thought She Didn’t Have What Was Needed to Be a Great Partner

As Fran described why she did not prefer to be in a long-term relationship and how she loathed having someone at her apartment for a long time, Clemente further asked if she loved being in someone else’s apartment.

Fran revealed that she used to love being in someone else’s apartment because it was so easy to leave that to get someone out. Further explaining, she stated that there were certain relationships she thought she was great at.

While she had always been a terrible girlfriend, she acknowledged that she could be the world’s greatest daughter, a great relative, and a great friend. During the beginning of the relationship, she was great as she could be very romantic.

To explain what Lebowitz meant by that, she recalled one of the instances with her ex-girlfriend.

Lebowitz recalled she had a partner years ago who summed her up perfectly. Her ex-girlfriend explained that at the beginning, Lebowitz asked her a hundred questions about her daily. Later, the questions gradually decreased, and Lebowitz finally said, “Can you see I’m trying to read?”

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Fran Knew She Was a Gay from Her Young Age

In an interview with The Guardian, Lebowitz opened up about her sexuality and summed up her experience. From a young age, she knew she was gay, which she understood would never be deemed acceptable in the suburbs.

She grew up in Morristown, New Jersey, as the elder child of her parents, who were second-generation Eastern European Jews born and raised in New York. Her dad was a furniture upholsterer, and her mom was a housewife.

Homosexuality was a crime then, so, initially, the New Jersey native was more afraid of her parents discovering her sexuality. She never discussed it with her parents.

Lebowitz revealed that her parents were aware of it. She brought her partners home, but they never talked about it.

Fran Lebowitz knew from a young age that she was gay [Photo: Facebook]

Furthermore, she also had a pal who was raised in a very blue-collar environment in Wilmington, Delaware.

The friend thought she was the only lesbian in the world. Likewise, Fran vividly remembered when she was 12 and in the backyard reading and remembered having the exact thought.

Fran supposed if there was such a thing in the world as lesbians, then someone had to be them. She asked, “But why does it have to be me?” Because even though she was quite happy, she understood right away that she could not live there.