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Jamie Lissow Has Ended a Decade-Long Marriage with His Wife

Himal Ale Magar


It has not been long since rumors circulated regarding the relationship of Jamie Lissow with his wife Jessica Lissow.

As a result, fans took to social media sites like Twitter to question the comedian if he is currently married.

Jamie Mentioned His Divorce with His Wife on Twitter

In July 2022, Jamie Lissow responded to a fan who stated, “I dunno how your wife could leave you….you’re funny as hell and gorgeous on top of it all.”

The comedian replied that his spouse had her reasons, and it was all good. He further went on to thank the Twitter user for her kind words.

Jamie Lissow [Photo: Instagram]

Further, Lissow confirmed his divorce in a tweet on August 2, 2023. In the post, the comedian mentioned, “The “X” has been removed from atop Musk’s building in San Francisco. I haven’t seen an x taken down that fast since my divorce.”

Despite separating from his former partner, the comedian has not disclosed the reason behind their divorce as of this writing.

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Jamie Lissow’s Former Wife Is a Private Person

Since the comedian revealed he is no longer married, fans have wondered who his ex-partner could be.

In one such instance, users pointed out a mystery woman in a post on Twitter to be his ex-wife. Later, Lissow responded that the girl was not his partner to those wondering about his relationship and love life.

Jamie With His Ex-Wife Jessica [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, the comedian has already revealed his former spouse, Jessica, to his fans and followers.

When the ex-couple was together, they spent quality family time. Once, they all visited Denali for a nature walk. Similarly, for Jessica’s birthday, the duo blew off the Super Bowl and went snow tubing.

Well, despite being married to a reputable figure in the comedy scene, Jessica has remained away from the limelight.

Have Three Kids Together

Though the former lovebirds have not disclosed their relationship and married life publicly, it is known that they were together for over a decade.

For instance, an Instagram user commented that the couple had made quite a brood from their one-nighter in Alaska 12 years ago on a post of July 2017.

Jamie With His Ex-Wife And Children [Photo: Instagram]

So, according to that information, the pair were possibly married for over a decade. Besides, Lissow has been a great father to his three children.

He has two sons and a daughter. Lissow’s eldest son’s name is Charlie. His daughter’s name is Briar, and the youngest is named Miles.

The three have been featured in Lissow’s social media posts on a regular basis. Moreover, his daughter Briar collaborates with him in comedic skits on platforms like TikTok.

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Law Student Turned Comedian

For Lissow, comedy was not the first option for his career. After graduating from SUNY Fredonia and Greece Olympia, and a week later at law school, he revealed to his father that he wanted to pursue his career as a comedian.

Lissow’s dad replied that he too did not want him to be a lawyer. So, the two got his stuff from college, and eventually, Lissow started doing stand-up comedy.

His career was propelled by an offer from Rob Schneider to write a show with him. The show Real Rob went on to be on Netflix, where he played a lead role.

Regarding the experience, Lissow expressed that it was a dream of any comic to be on TV. Apart from appearing on TV, he did his own work on the side, which can be accessed through his official website.