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Duke Dennis Was Called By a Mystery Woman on Live Stream

Himal Ale Magar


YouTuber Duke Dennis gained the attention of his followers when he picked up a call from a mystery woman during his live stream.

This created numerous speculation about who the caller might be. Ultimately, fans started taking an interest in his dating life, especially his girlfriend.

Duke Dennis’ Mystery Phone Call

Back in February 2022, Dennis received a phone call from a mystery girl during his live stream. The YouTuber went on to converse with the unidentified woman as both of them joked around and laughed hysterically.

Eventually, viewers of the live stream began to wonder who the mystery woman might be and filled the live chat with their assumptions. One user even indicated that the woman Duke was talking to might be Kali.

Duke Dennis And Kali [Photo: Youtube]

However, the viewer’s excitement was short-lived as, towards the end of the video, Dennis shouted it was a prank. While he claimed it was a prank, fans had already started to do their own research regarding his relationship with Kali.

Similarly, on another occasion, Duke Dennis and a woman got on a video call with Adin Ross. Further, during the call, Adin referred to the woman as Mrs. Dennis. Moreover, he added he could not wait to attend their wedding.

However, Duke had his camera turned off, so the viewers were not able to witness who the woman was. But fans quickly assumed it was Kali, and they uploaded the snippet on Reddit titled, ‘Adin meets Duke Dennis girlfriend Kali.’

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Duke Added Fuel to the Rumors of Kali Being His Girlfriend

In addition to his gaming content, Duke became the talk of the town when rumors regarding his relationship with Kali began to surface among his fans.

Although he put the rumors of Kali being his girlfriend initially by claiming that the phone call was a prank, he later added fuel to the fire when he uploaded a video titled ‘Duke Dennis Interviews Ex-Girlfriend Kali.’

Regarding the subject matter, a TikTok user also posted a video with the caption, “DUKE DENNIS KNOWING ALL THE LYRICS TO HIS GIRLFRIEND KALI NEW SONG -(AREA CODES) IS SO HARD…. W BF!!”

However, Dennis brushed out their relationship rumors and speculations as he said, “I usually wouldn’t bring my girlfriend on stream.” Dennis added he allowed the video to happen because his fans asked for it.

The YouTuber clarified that the video was nothing more than light-hearted banter.

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Who Is Duke Dennis’ Girlfriend?

Even after the rapper explained his situation with rapper Kali, his fans were still on the lookout to uncover who his girlfriend might be.

In response, Dennis replied that the information regarding his dating rumors should not be trusted. The Youtuber further added, “I’m a very private individual; y’all know this. [sic]”

Additionally, Dennis noted he would not confirm or deny anything regarding any speculations or rumors.

Besides, while Kali might not be his current lover, Dennis revealed his girlfriend a few years back before he became a YouTube star.

In the respective video, Dennis revealed he left the army after he completed his basic training and shared it was the worst decision he made in his life.

Further, the Youtuber expressed he recalled contacting his ex-girlfriend. During their conversation at the time, Dennis learned she had cheated on him.

He said, “I was a little hurt. But, I bounced back.” Nevertheless, he has come a long way from the heartbreak and is doing well.