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Lee Syatt’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Binesh Shrestha


Comedian Lee Syatt’s weight loss journey has been nothing but inspirational. From reaching the point where Lee would no longer put himself on camera to losing 150 pounds over 19 months, he has come a long way.

The comedian is far from his youth days when he lacked self-control and survived only eating fast food. Though he has mentioned struggles maintaining his weight loss, Lee has worked hard to reach where he is now.

Secrets Behind His Weight Loss

On 2 December 2020, Lee Syatt weighed 336 pounds. He said it was way too many pounds for a guy who only measured 5’4″.

Since elementary school, he felt like he was bigger and chubbier in comparison to the other kids.

Lee’s concern grew even more when he learned to drive, as he could avoid walking and feast on fast foods particularly. Because of various reasons, such as boredom and depression, Lee mostly ate heavy meals and even called all of his meals “cheat meals” during the pandemic.

Things were so bad for him that at one point, he couldn’t even fit in a size 50 jeans. As per Lee himself, If he had continued his old habits, then he would either have a serious health issue or be dead.

Lee Syatt didn’t do a lot of workouts since he hated doing it. The only workout he ever did was with kettlebells, and walked a few days a week.

At the start, he did two kettlebell workouts a week for almost seven to eight months. He later stopped after hurting his back. For the majority of the time, he walked four days a week for 45 minutes to an hour.

He didn’t walk fast, nor he touched any weights. One major thing he did was count calories. Well, his brother Jordan also helped him during his endeavor.

Now, Lee can breathe better, walk properly, and also fit into his previous clothes. Alongside being healthy, Lee is also enjoying a blissful relationship with his partner.

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A Peek into the Comedian’s Love Life

Though the podcast host has had trouble with weight, it was never a hindrance to his love life. He is currently dating Athena. However, he has not shared many details about her.

He first posted about his partner in November 2022 after celebrating Halloween, mentioning she is the T to his Rex. Since then, he has only shared a couple of photos with her.

Lee Syatt and his girlfriend. [Source: Instagram]

Furthermore, this is not his only known relationship. Lee Syatt was previously dating Paula G. She had finished her second year at USC Law School and was working at the Los Angeles prosecutor’s office as a clerk when they were a couple.

It is not known when and why the former pair broke up. Fans got to know about her better when the ex-duo did a podcast together.

Lee Syatt’s Net Worth and Earnings

Well, Lee Syatt has never revealed how much his fortune is. However, considering his multiple ventures, he must have earned a significant sum by now.

Alongside being a comedian and a podcast host, Lee Syatt is also a business consultant. With over a decade of experience on professional podcasts, he has helped to launch more than 60 podcasts.

The basic 30-minute, the standard 45-minute, and the premium 60-minute consultation cost $75, $110, and $150, respectively.

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According to PayScale, a comedian’s median salary is $45K per year. Knowing his experience in the field, it won’t be a surprise to learn that he might earn more than that.

In addition, his The Waistline Podcast and Lee Syatt: What Was I Thinking? must also contribute to his net worth.

Lee Syatt also earns as a comedian. [Source: Instagram]

As per Social Blade, Lee Syatt’s YouTube channel has estimated yearly earnings ranging from $26 to $423. This may not look much now since he is not active on the social media platform, but he must have raked in a considerable sum during his prime.