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Jay Brewer Came with a New Show ‘Reptile Royalty’

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Jay Brewer recently came up with his new show, Reptile Royalty, airing its six episodes. The show offers you exciting and adventurous clips from his zoo.

Moreover, his three daughters will also be featured in the show. Sadly, Brewer’s wife won’t be there because she has already retired from taking care of the reptiles.

But eventually, she also helped him through his hard times. With her support and dedication, they now have over 600 species in the zoo.

Launched New Show ‘Reptile Royalty’

On July 21, 2023, the internet personality launched the most exciting and adventurous show, Reptile Royalty. He is the founder and owner of the Reptile Zoo, located in Fountain Valley, California.

The zoo houses reptiles, snakes, alligators, tortoises, and even exotic insects. He has a dedicated team of animal experts to take care of over 600 rare and exotic species.

Therefore, they caught the eye of producers who captured the joy and adventure in the series, Reptile Royalty, launching its first six episodes for the Roku Channel in July.

Jay Brewer came with the new show Reptile Royalty in July [Photo: Instagram]

The show Reptile Royalty offers an access pass to the famous zoo, jam-packed with laugh-out-loud adventures and unavoidable chaos.

In six episodes, you will watch how his family maintained the zoo and cared for reptiles and other animals in the zoo.

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Jay Brewer’s Wife Helped Him Open the Zoo

The internet personality was a commercial fisherman before he got married to his wife, Becky. Then he decided he didn’t want to be a fisherman because there were a lot of drugs and alcohol.

Near his house, there was a little pet store, and he bought it. Brewer turned the store into a reptile store over time. Brewer and his wife, Becky, changed the name to ‘Prehistoric Pets.’ But they couldn’t earn money from there.

After a few economic crashes, they picked up doing school and education events. Eventually, they had to find out how to earn more money.

The animals were expensive, and he was trying to grow his business. Therefore, they started doing birthday parties and entertainment things.

They have also done TV spots and news stuff. However, in 2009, he realized they needed to make more money to support the big business.

So, they opened up the zoo. His wife worked with them all over the years, too, but eventually decided to get out of the picture. His wife said, “I did my 30 years!”

Jay’s Three Daughters Helped Him in the Zoo

Not only his wife, Jay’s daughter also helped him in the zoo. He welcomed three daughters with his wife, Laura, Juliette, and Andrea.

His first child Andrea works as a Reptile Wrangler, his second child Juliette works as a VP of Management, and his third child works as a CFO.

However, his middle daughter stepped up more as a help to help their business to survive. He put her in charge of the reptile zoo.

“It’s fantastic that you can watch me, Jaysprehistoricpets, on IG and YouTube, but you can watch the Juliette version, which is much better looking,” he professed.

Jay Brewer [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, he said she offered more exciting performances and did a fantastic job. “She’s always been great with people. She’s a go-getter, hardworking. And Andrea likes doing it all,” he stated.

His daughter Laura mainly handled the social media to grow it, and she is also a graphic artist and took business and advertising.

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Jay Brewer Lost His Father and Adopted Mother at a 10-Years Gap

The 58 years old internet personality has born on September 5, 1964, in the United States. He ultimately gained success now, but his beginning was extremely hard.

Brewer grew up in Tustin. He lost his adopted mother when he was only four years old. Moreover, when he was 14, his father drank himself to death.

Then he instantly dropped out of Newport Harbor High and befriended a man named Uncle Louie. So, he became a commercial fisherman and already earned a good amount of money from fishing at the Dory Fishing Fleet in Newport Beach on weekends.

After married, he changed his path and made a home for over 600 species now. And has not looked back ever since.