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Does Danny Carey Have a Girlfriend? Is the Drummer Married?

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The enigmatic drummer Danny Carey, who is known for his polyrhythms, and his mathematical approach to music, is in a relationship with his girlfriend Rynne Stump.

Despite not being married, the power couple welcomed their son Zola Carey in June 2015. Besides, before getting into a relationship with his girlfriend Rynne, Danny was previously a married man.

Danny Carey And His Girlfriend Rynne Stump [Photo: Facebook]

The Tool drummer has kept his private life away from the limelight. So, not much information has been disclosed by the Tool drummer to the public.

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Who Is Danny Carey’s Girlfriend?

Danny Carey’s girlfriend, Rynne, is a popular celebrity partner and an organizer of the renowned Stumpefest music festival. The event is held annually in Portland, OR, and has gained a lot of attention from the art and musical community.

According to the reports by Invisibleorange, Rynne used to book and work production at the old Berbati’s Pan Venue in the early 2000s. She revealed that she came up with the idea to organize Stumpfest and shared it with her dear friend Chantelle Hylton.

Before she laid hands on organizing musical events, Danny’s girlfriend used to live in Portland in the early 2000s. During this time, Rynne used to work small jobs at a club called The Black Bird, where she met Chantelle. Together the two started making posters, booking shows, and organizing events.

Is Danny Married to His Girlfriend?

Despite being in a relationship and having a son together, the couple has not shared their wedding vows yet. Danny prefers to keep his relationship private. So, the drummer has not shared any information regarding any future plans regarding his marriage with his girlfriend Rynne Stump.

Rynne Stump [Photo: Facebook]

Besides, as mentioned earlier, Danny was married before committing to Rynne. According to the reports by Dirt, Danny and his ex-wife Sabine Broseid Carey sold their previous properties to buy a $6.35 million house in Malibu.

However, their marriage was surrounded by uncertainty, and it was unclear whether it would last.

As per the reports by UniCourt, Danny had filed a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce on December 4, 2000. The reasons behind the personal feud have not been shared, and it has remained a mystery ever since.

Danny’s Girlfriend Captured Footage of a Young Recruit

During a Tool show in November 2006, Tool gave a young fan an experience he will never forget in his life.

The guitarist Adam Jones picked the boy from the crowd with his parents’ consent and escorted him to the stage behind Danny during the drum solo.

Once there, the boy was given a drumstick, which he thought he was supposed to hand to Danny. Although what he wanted to do was keep it for himself.

Danny Carey [Photo: Facebook]

According to the reports by iheartradio, the band thought that it could mean the young fan would want to be a drummer than a drum tech when he grew older. The entire footage was captured on camera By Danny’s girlfriend Rynne Stump.

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Danny Carey – A Musical Genius

Born on May 10, 1961, Danny Edwin Carey is an American songwriter and musician. He is mostly renowned as the drummer for the band Tool.

Throughout his musical endeavor, the musical genius has contributed to albums by artists such as Zaum, Pigface, King Crimson, Skinny Puppy, The Melvins, Lusk, Carole King, and Collide.

Further, the enigmatic drummer has been able to develop his own unique sound because of his broad range of influences. Danny has taken concepts from rock drummers like John Bonham and Neil Peart.

Additionally, he has taken inspiration from fusion drummers like Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Lenny White, and Steve Gadd.

His distinctive mix of jazz and fusion style of playing can be experienced in songs like “Sweat” by Tool and “BHP” by Volto!

Along with a successful musical venture, Danny enjoys a blissful relationship.