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Tavin Dillard and His Girlfriend Continue Strong Bond without Tying the Knot

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Tavin Dillard has been in a relationship for over a decade with his girlfriend Cricket, but they haven’t yet tied the knot.

In a Q&A video, he answered one of the questions about their love life by saying, “I don’t know Kimberly when I’m proposing her, we met a year ago we growed up together.”

Cricket has repeatedly appeared in his YouTube videos. Gradually, their bond has become stronger over time. But fans are eager to know when the comedian is putting a ring on it.

Tavin and His Girlfriend Cricket Celebrated Valentines Together

In 2023, Tavin Dillard and his girlfriend Cricket celebrated Valentine’s Day together.

He uploaded a short video on his Instagram with the caption, “The only thing I like matchin’ is Catfish Buffet Coupons. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

In the video, Tavin gave her a bouquet of bacon when he spotted Cricket wearing the same T-shirt as him. So, when she went inside to take a new paper towel, he wore a different outfit, a hoodie.

They had plans to go buffet, but when she came back, she had already finished the bacon from the bouquet. Then, when they were about to go, Cricket went inside and changed the dress.

Tavin’s girlfriend came out wearing the same hoodie as him. However, he seized the opportunity to remove the hoodie as she went ahead of him.

Tavin Dillard and his girlfriend Cricket [Photo: Youtube/Sweetteafilms]

In the comment section, one user penned, “Why don’t you want to be matchy matchy with Cricket, Tavin?”

He replied, “I guess I only like to match on the softball field.”

The couple always had so much fun when they were together. Without a doubt, they love one other’s company and are in a happy relationship.

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Tavin’s Girlfriend Circket Told Him That She Wanted to Marry Him

In the video from 11 years ago, Cricket expressed her desire to wed him. He then responded that he was putting together an 11-year plan.

She said, “Wait, you mean I have to wait 11 years.” Tavin replied, “No, I’m two years into that plan, so you only got to wait nine.”

In his words – Tavin and Cricket are still not married, as per the Q&A video’s answer. The couple is still hanging around the town together.

At that time, she was busy with her modeling career to shoot different photoshoots like brochures of a cannery and others.

Is Cricket Her Real Name or Her Nickname?

On Season 5 Q&A with Cricket, Tavin clarified the netizens about his girlfriend’s name, as many were confused.

One user asked, “Is Cricket a real name of Cricket or is that a nickname?” Then he replied, “Well, Cricket’s name is Cricket.”

Further, he said, “That’s what her folks named her, so that’s her name.” Continuing, he said that her birth certificate, driver’s license, or name tag at the nursing home where she worked had the name.

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Who Is Tavin Dillard?

Tavin Dillard is a chronicler, storyteller, philosopher, and connoisseur of fine donuts and Dr. Pepper.

Dillard is interested in the Caloric and energy potentialities of baked foods and chocolate milk, as his primary money maker is lawn care.

Dillard’s posts are short anecdotes and wisdom about everyday life observations, deep philosophical problems, and the joy of living with the life God gave you.