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All About Liz Torres’ Hard Earned Weight Loss Transformation



When Liz Torres walked up to the premiere of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls reboot, she was most definitely a show-stopper. Her weight loss was more than just evident. She almost looked like a different person.

To her credit, the amazing transformation was hard-earned.

Torres hasn’t been one to shy away from admitting she had a problem with her physical appearance. Neither did she look away when people from Tinseltown asked her if she was doing something about it.

In the end, the veteran actress made a statement with her appearance without her having to say a word.

Weight Loss Has Been a Continous Struggle

Weight loss has been a talking point for the actress for decades now.

Back in the late 90s, she sat down with the LA Times to talk about her impressive 40-pound weight loss. She outlined her routine and everything that went into shedding those pounds.

“I’m always striving to lose weight,” she noted.

She had an intensive routine going for her, which included exercise and diet.

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How Liz Torres Lost Weight?

Her typical day started at 4:40 in the morning with a walk. She, accompanied by her neighbor and sometimes her pet dog, would walk two laps around the inside of a shopping mall.

Torres would exercise on her stationary bike, stairs, and treadmill till she got tired. She also tried weighted skipping ropes, but her knees weren’t what they used to be when she was young. So, she had to give those up.

Her diet consisted of whole wheat bread, yogurt, and ready-made salads — just a healthier diet overall.

She chose to work on herself for a long time. Still, outlets such as Daily Mail cite that the more visually-discernable weight loss transformation came circa 2010.

A simple before and after collage makes the transformation evident and praiseworthy.

Liz Torres stunned everyone at the premiere of Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot (right) [Photo: YouTube]

Liz Torres on Being Heavy in Hollywood

Torres had her reasons to lose weight. Some of those reasons might have been more personal and self-realized, but a huge chunk of her motivation came from the vanity of Tinseltown.

“I was the only girl at the Emmys without a designer dress,” the actress noted. “All these other girls got offered clothes, you know, designers chasing after them.”

Fittingly, when the outlets covering said event would ask her where she got the dress, she refused to hand out free advertising, gently stating that she’d bought her dress.

She was well aware that her weight was something that jeopardized her health.

“Being heavy isn’t good for you. How long can your heart take the strain? So, I never give up but it’s hard.”

She admitted that her weight also made her a casting stereotype for a huge part of her career.

“When I got heavier—and being Hispanic on television is limiting,” she professed. “I played a lot of maids.”

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An Outstanding Legacy

At the end of the day, she did nothing but divert her attention from the reality of it. She understood that she had heavyweight but refused to beat herself over it.

She did what she could to be the best version of herself — as a person and as a professional, and it shows. Besides the radical weight loss transformation she underwent while pushing 70, she also has quite an impressive career to her name.

Although Torrez is best known for her roles in success stories like Gilmore Girls, Just Cause & Joe Dirt, those titles are only a small part of her acting credits.

As of this writing, the 75-year-old Latina has well over a hundred and twenty acting credits to her name over an acting career that has spanned over five decades.

A well-deserved applause is owed to her name because even though she’s well into her 70s, she is still actively taking on and delivering entertaining prospects to the fanbase she spent a lifetime to amass.