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All to Know about Drury Outdoors’ Mark Drury

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Mark Drury is the part owner of Drury Marketing Inc. He has dedicated the most part of his life and brought the outdoorsman the top quality products available. He has captured more than six different world titles in his over 150 wins.

Well, Mark and his brother Terry Drury decided to start Drury Outdoors and embarked on a journey in 1989. Today, they have reached such heights of success which they couldn’t have even imagined.

Net Worth and Earnings from Drury Outdoors

Mark and Terry started Drury Outdoors, a video production company that now produces a number of TV shows and also releases new DVDs every year. Some of their TV shows are Critical Mass: Evolve, Bow Madness, and Natural Born.

In addition, they have also released a number of apparel, including hoodies, caps, t-shirts, and beanies. Knowing how popular they are, the organization must have amassed a considerable amount of sum from their sales.

Furthermore, Drury Outdoors also provides different kinds of gear and accessories for hunting, like antler tape measure and arrow wraps.

The company also runs a YouTube channel that has over 252K subscribers. According to SocialBlade, it has estimated monthly earnings ranging from $660 to $10.6K and estimated annual earnings ranging from $7.9K to $126.7K.

Considering he is the part owner of the firm, Mark must have a huge amount of net worth and must be getting paid well for his immense contribution.

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At the Age of 85, His Father Passed Away

Mark was born to parents Ralph V. Drury and Lucille M. (Ritter) Drury. Ralph and Lucille were married since October 20, 1957, until Ralph’s demise on March 16, 2017.

Mark’s father was Bloomsdale Excavating’s executive vice president and Pointe Basse Development’s general partner. Alongside that, he served more than three decades as an alderman for the city of Bloomsdale.

Mark’s mother is still alive and kicking. On the occasion of 2023’s Mother’s Day, Drury Outdoors dedicated a special post to all the moms and Lucille, stating they loved her.

As stated earlier, Mark has a brother named Terry. He also has three sisters, Linda Lurk, Barb Brace, and Mamcy Basler.

Conjugal Life with Beautiful Wife, Tracy Drury

While Mark is enjoying a successful career, his personal life isn’t that bad either. He has been married to his lovely spouse, Tracy Haynes Drury, for a couple of decades now.

As per her private Instagram bio, she is a huge cat lover. Plus, she also loves going to beaches and is a massive fan of the baseball team St. Louis Cardinals.

From their years of marital life, the adorable couple have also welcomed a lovely daughter named Taylor Drury.

In January 2023, their child shared a cute video of the duo and stated they were the cutest grandparents-to-be, adding they still date one another even after 38 years and were the best example of love she could have asked for.

Mark Drury with his wife and daughter. [Source: Facebook]

Taylor also doesn’t miss out on a single chance to show her appreciation for her father. She has described him as a 5-star dad, best friend, life coach, boss, and hunting buddy.

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Mark’s Daughter Is Married with a Kid

Mark’s baby girl, Taylor, is married to her husband Austin Land. He is a hunter and also the Land Specialist and Real Estate Texas Outfit Owner. The lovebirds exchanged marital vows in March 2019.

They got engaged in November 2017. In October 2022, Taylor and her beau announced they were having a baby and were over the moon excited and grateful for the sweet blessing. Then, in the last weeks of April 2023, the pair brought their daughter, Mabry Grace, home.

Mark Drury’s daughter is married to Austin Land. [Source: Instagram]

It looks like Mark is greatly in love with his grandchild and said, “Grandpa life is the BEST life.” He, too, is looking forward to the day when he can take her hunting.