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Is Alex Wilson the Father of Tyra Boisseau’s Second Baby?

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Initially, almost all were shocked when Tyra Boisseau revealed her pregnancy via her Instagram account. The internet personality shared some photos of her baby bump with the caption, “mommy x2”

Furthermore, there have been more questions asking if Alex Wilson, her ex-boyfriend, is the father of her newborn child, as the couple also share a daughter named Layla.

Arrival of Tyra’s Second Baby

The speculation of Tyra’s pregnancy started exploding when she turned inactive on her social media handles for quite some time. People’s assumption came true when she shared her maternity photoshoot in April 2023, simply announcing her pregnancy.

The now mother of two even shared a TikTok video before her delivery and penned,” Well hows everyone elses friday going?” followed by a laughing emoji.


Well hows everyone elses friday going? 😀

♬ Rubble to rubble by wilderado – Toria

Moving ahead, Tyra did a TikTok livestream after the delivery of her baby, and more than five thousand users tuned in to see the live stream.

The screen capture of her live stream is available on Reddit, which showcases the lady thoroughly enjoying corn.

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Is Alex The Baby’s Father?

Eventually, things did not stop after Tyra’s delivery. Later, people began their quest to find out if Alex Wilson was the biological father of her second baby.

Alongside sharing a daughter with Tyra, Alex has also fathered a kid with his other partner, Hanna Cole.

Rumors increased more when Hanna posted a story stating, “So cheap he doesn’t take care of the other two kids he got, and now he has another otw.”

Tyra Boisseau baby
Hanna Cole’s Instagram Story. [Photo: Reddit]

Furthermore, there were reports of seeing Tyra and Alex in the market when she was seemingly pregnant.

Yet, the assumed father, Alex, wasn’t present in the live stream and delivery room during Tyra’s delivery.

Numerous took to Reddit to discuss whether Alex was the father of Tyra’s child. One of the users wrote,” I remember Hanna alluding to Alex having a third kid on the way, months ago. So I assumed it was his kid, when the whispers of Tyra being pregnant came out”.

All details indicate that Alex is the alleged father, but there is no confirmation that he is the child’s dad. Also, the Unexpected star Tyra hasn’t publicly revealed the father’s name and identity on social media pages.

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People Were Disappointed with Tyra’s Monetizing Scheme

Fans were intrigued to know about Tyra’s newborn’s name and gender as soon as she delivered the child.

Nonetheless, they didn’t get immediate access and had to make a subscription to grab the details. The fans felt dissatisfied with this shady behavior and scheming of monetizing.

It was later known that she had given birth to a son. TV Seasons & Spoilers stated that one of her paid subscribers leaked the name was Junior, but many doubted it was likely a nickname.

Junior sparked more rumors among fans and speculated if he was named after his father, Alex Wilson. One Redditor shared, “she’s lying which makes me think she named him after alex & is embarrassed of it. you have to file a birth certificate within a week & he is more than a week old”.

The gender news was clarified after Starcasm shared that her daughter Layla was the one who disclosed the gender by sharing excitement about getting a brother in Tyra’s live video.

After some time, she took to Instagram and shared some glimpses of Junior on stories. Tyra’s son was sucking a pacifier lying down, and his face wasn’t fully shown, and a side half-shot was only shared.

It was precious for Tyra to welcome the second kid in the family, joining her daughter, Layla. She gave birth to her sweet daughter Layla with Alex from their romantic life in March 2019.

Tyra shares a close bond with her little one and recalls her as a best friend sharing on social sites.