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Corey Scherer: Has He Patched Up with His Ex-girlfriend after 2019 Break-Up?

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The romance between Corey Scherer and his girlfriend, Devyn Lundy, is intriguing. The couple broke up after dating for a long time and again reconciled.

Even after the breakup, the couple lived together and saw each other every day, which was hard for them. Nevertheless, they reunited and continued their love story.

The couple’s major news, as of this writing, is that they recently moved in together in May 2023.

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Corey Scherer and Girlfriend Devyn Moved in Together

Corey and Devyn moved together into their new house in May 2023. Before that, the couple resided in either townhomes or apartments. Therefore, they always wanted a house together.

Eventually, their wish came true as they moved in together now. He was excited to show the house to people and where they were moving.

Corey Scherer and his girlfriend, Devyn Lundy, moved in together in May 2023 [Photo: Instagram]

They displayed their new home in a four-minute YouTube video captioned “WE’RE MOVING!!”

The latter part of the video showed the house the couple had bought. They seemed excited as they showed rooms. Corey revealed that they couldn’t wait to tell his fans what he and Devyn have been doing for the past couple of months.

The duo also talked about a secret room and asked fans to guess what that room would be. They revealed they would do a house tour video, and it would be uploaded on their duo channel.

Corey and His Girlfriend Re-United in 2022 After Breaking Up

The lovely couple got back together after their break up in 2019, which Corey had announced through Twitter.

Even if they had broken up, the couple stayed together, which made it very hard to stay apart from each other. But at the same time, they felt like neither of them wanted to be apart.

So, they just kept living together until 2020. He helped her move, and they were texting every day. They went over to one another’ apartment. So, they never officially got back together, as it kind of happened.

In June 2022, he let the netizens know who had known them since they first started dating know by posting a video on his YouTube channel with the title “WE’RE BACK TOGETHER!!”

In the video, he also mentioned that he was producing a song. Scherer and Devyn had planned to do a vlog after he returned after recording a new song.

Netizens were happy to hear the news as they were together. One user penned, “If it’s meant to be, they will always find a way back to each other. I’m so [expletive] happy for you guys!”

Another user commented, “Their chemistry together has always been insanely good. im really happy they found their way back to each other.”

Likewise, another fan wrote, “The joy that I felt when I saw yall are back together! Im so happy for you guys! My favorite couple is back together.”

Why Did They Break Up?

Corey and Devyn revealed the reason behind their break up while doing Q&A. During the Q&A video, one netizen asked why they had broken up.

Initially, she made clear that Corey broke up with her, and she didn’t cheat on him. She added that there was a rumor on Twitter for over two months after their split that she cheated on him.

The couple was arguing a lot about little things, and it was not even intense arguments as they were just bickering all the time. They were both going through a tough time, which was overwhelming, thus leading their relationship to fall apart.

Devyn revealed that even after the breakup, Corey still made her happy. They would still sit together and watch TV like movies and other stuff.

After a month of their break up, they started sleeping in separate rooms. Despite that, he would still come into her bed, knock on the door, and ask her to sleep together.

The next morning, Devyn used to wake up earlier than he did, go to the gym, and they both continued their day as if nothing had happened.

Time passed, and he realized that splitting up didn’t do anything except make him miss her. Then the couple reunited again.

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Corey Announced Their Break-up on Twitter

Corey Scherer announced his breakup with his long-time girlfriend, Devyn Lundy, on July 2019 through Twitter.

The couple started their relationship back in 2015. Just after four years, small arguments led them to their breakup.

In July 2019, he tweeted, “I want to start this off by saying thank you guys for all the years you have supported Devyn, and I.”

Informing the netizens, he added, “Sadly, we split up a few months ago and have been keeping it on low.”

Corey Scherer and Devyn Lundy [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, he stated that he just wanted to update them on what was happening in their lives since netizens had been involved.

The tweet has now been deleted, and the couple is enjoying their time together.