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Who Is China Anne McClain Dating? Any Past Relationships?

Himal Ale Magar


China Anne McClain, best known for her role in Descendents and Black Lightning, has been linked with many of her co-stars. One such instance was when fans began speculating if her long-time best friend Cameron Boyce was, in fact, her boyfriend.

Likewise, she was also linked with Jake Short, her co-star in A.N.T. Farm. Because of her secretive nature, her personal life has always been a topic of never-ending rumors.

Was Cameron Boyce China’s Boyfriend?

The A.N.T Farm star China was just ten years old when she met Cameron. The pair later went on to become best friends and were inseparable.

Apart from her two sisters, Cameron also worked with China in the popular film series Descendants. Before that, the two also made appearances on the 2010 Grown Ups.

Cameron was China’s chosen family and a confidant in an industry that had little empathy toward child actors.

Because of their closeness and the fact they were co-stars, fans speculated they were dating. However, she has put the rumors through Twitter.

In the tweet she posted in October 2013, she wrote, “@ravina1DMC lol u don’t know that.. I’m not dating Cameron I don’t know where u guys got that from but I love him we are really good friends.”

China Denied the rumors of her dating Cameron Boyce. [Photo: Twitter]

Sadly, China lost her best friend in July 2019, which changed her forever. He suddenly passed away from a fatal seizure.

The actress paid respect and remembered her best friend by posting pictures of them together on her Instagram.

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China Still Grieves Loss of Her Best Friend

According to the report by TMZ, the actress was emotional as she revealed she had no idea her best friend Cameron Boyce had epilepsy.

The Descendants star further revealed that the news of his death felt like getting hit by a ton of bricks. She added that no one knew about his medical condition besides his family, and it was hard to cope with his untimely passing.

The actress further expressed that she was still processing the loss during the premiere of Descendants 3 and had mixed feelings throughout the time.

Further, China said even the simplest things reminded her of Cam and sometimes sent her on a roller coaster of emotions. She revealed that she’s caught herself picking up the phone to text him.

China’s Best Friend Cameron [Photo: Instagram]

A few days after his death, China expressed her condolence to Cameron’s family as she said, “I feel like I’m going to wake up.”

The Black Lightning actress continued, “To Mr. Vic, Mrs. Libby and Maya, I’m so sorry. And you guys lost something that the rest of us didn’t lose, you know. You guys lost blood, a son, a brother, and I lost my best friend. My closet friend, my longest friend,” as per the report by People.

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Did China Date Jake Short?

As mentioned earlier, China was also linked with Jake Short. Rumors regarding their relationship started brewing after she wished him on his birthday in May 2011.

In the post, she wrote, “@thejakeshort Happy Birthday my Jake :)) I love you and I hope you have the time of your life today!” This had added momentum regarding the speculation regarding her relationship with Jake Short.

China And Jake Short [Photo: Youtube]

Furthermore, as per the reports by Creeto, the American actress was rumored to have dated co-star Jake Short for a few months between 2012 and 2013.

Fans lovingly called the duo, Chake, and there’s a fan page describing Chake moments over the years. They seem to be close friends and very connected.

Regarding their relationship rumors, neither of them have spoken.

Is China Dating Anyone?

The actress has mastered the art of privacy, which is why not much is known about her personal details. Details of her love life and boyfriend remain scarce, which is why it’s not sure if she is seeing anyone.

However, it was speculated that China was dating actor Zac Steiner in the year 2016. She has, time and again, put the rumors to rest through tweets.

For instance, she denied the report regarding her dating anybody, as she took on Twitter in August 2014. In the tweet, she wrote she was uninterested in having a boyfriend.

China denied having a boyfriend. [Photo: Twitter]

Likewise, the other time she tweeted, saying, “I’ve never had a boyfriend and I’ve been just fine. I know it sucks right now, but don’t be afraid to just be friends for now.”

The actress also revealed her perspectives on having a boyfriend in August 2014. In an interview with TeenVogue, China revealed that her father had a stern response to her dating anybody.

As a result, she found herself like her character in How to Build a Better Boy, Gabby, and wanted to be independent and focus on her career. So, maybe China is focusing on her career.

Nevertheless, her Instagram does not give any hint about her relationships and romantic interests. She has managed to keep her personal details a secret.