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Chiquis Rivera Got Engaged to Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Chiquis Rivera revealed in her autobiography about her tumultuous marriage with Lorenzo Méndez. After separating from him, she gave love another shot and is dating her boyfriend Emilio Sánchez.

Now, the television personality enjoys her relationship with the love of her life. Did you know the lovebirds are engaged?

Birthday Celebration Turned Engagement Ceremony

In May 2023, the singer surprised her followers by announcing that she was engaged to her boyfriend, Sánchez. The proposal was intimate yet really special for the couple.

The couple had gone hiking to the mountains through Zion National Park in southwestern Utah to celebrate her beau’s birthday. But she did not expect the surprise that would take her.

Rivera’s fiance had cheekily planned the surprise proposal on his birthday. Upon reaching the top, Sánchez got down on one knee and popped the question.

The couple shared the news on their respective Instagram handles. She shared a short video, compiling some titbits of the hiking and proposal, and wrote a sweet letter to her fiance.

Chiquis Rivera Showed Off Her Engagement Ring [Photo: Instagram]

The television personality thanked her beau for everything he did for her, for being him and loving her the way he did. She showed her gratitude for giving her the honor of being his fiance.

Similar to Rivera, Sánchez shared his joy with his followers on Instagram as well. He shared the pictures of him and Rivera with the caption, “Best Birthday of my Life.”

Friends and followers congratulated the newly engaged for the new milestone in their relationship.

Met While Working on a Music Video

The couple met for the first time through a mutual friend Becky G in May 2020. Rivera did a song named ‘Jolene’ with Becky during the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, she only wanted to use her photographer.

Rivera agreed with Becky, and they planned their shoot at her house. Talking about their time on the podcast named, The Hard Luck Show, she recalled, “It was at my house and here comes this guy and he had really pretty dimples and like pretty eyes and I remember like damn so cute.”

When asked what was Emilio’s reaction the day they met for the first time, he revealed that when he went home, he told his homie that he felt something. However, their relationship did not flourish then.

The couple went on to reveal that they did not see each other for another eight-nine months. While he had followed her that very day, she did not follow him back, nor did she tag and thank him for the pictures. He also texted her, but she did not respond to it. So, he unfollowed her.

Eventually, the two would meet again on March 1st, 2021, during Becky’s surprise birthday party that was organized at Rivera’s house. Sánchez was one of Becky’s guests, as they had been friends since they were a kid and were like cousins.

Chiquis Rivera With Her Boyfriend [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, after their second meeting, the couple hit it off pretty well. Since that night, they’d spent almost every day together. They began dating in early 2021.

The couple has an age difference of 7 years. Chiquis Rivera was 35, and her boyfriend was 28 when they first met.

Regarding their age, the couple expressed that it did not make any difference to them, and they were both mature when it came to being in a relationship.

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Rivera’s Boyfriend Is a Photographer

Chiquis Rivera’s fiance Emilio Sánchez grew up in California. He was born to a Filipino mother and a Mexican father. He is a professional photographer, entrepreneur, and visual artist based in Santa Monica. CA.

Throughout the years, Sánchez’s work has transformed to create a wide array of unique blends of styles. Further, he has helped execute campaign visions and direct photoshoots in LA street culture.

Moreover, he sought to capture the essence, feel, and look of who he was shooting. The photographer has worked with notable celebrities like Canelo Alvarez, Kobe Bryant, Canelo Alvarez, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and Becky G.

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Her Ex-Husband Was Not Happy About Her Relationship

Before being in a relationship with Sánchez, Rivera was married to Lorenzo Méndez. In March 2021, the rumors of Sánchez and Rivera being an item started after they were spotted spending time together in the company of other friends.

Although they did not confirm anything then, this did not sit well with Méndez. According to Mamas Latinas, he tweeted, “With this there are now 3 “compas” who hook up with my exes. Moral of the story … 

chiquis-rivera-and-her-ex-husband -lorenzo-méndez
Chiquis Rivera And Her Ex-Husband Lorenzo Méndez [Photo: YouTube]

Rivera and Méndez started dating after she called off her engagement with Angel del Villar in 2016. Since then the two were in an on-and-off relationship for several years before they engaged in 2018.

Eventually, the former couple got married in June 2019. However, their relationship would not last long, as they called it quits a year after their marriage.

However, despite her turbulent relationship in the past, Rivera is optimistic about her relationship with her fiance, Sánchez.