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The Real Name of the Rising Rapper from New York Jayklickin

Dinesh Shrestha


JayKlickin is a rising rapper from New York City who established himself in hip-hop and Alternative Hip Hop genres of music. He enjoys a devoted following of fans who appreciate his original approach to music and are curious to know about his real name and other details.

He has released multiple songs till now. But he got his major breakout song ‘Pain’ in 2022, which gained millions of views on his YouTube channel. As of writing, he is just 18 years old. Thanks to his writing skills which enable him to make his name in the music industry.

Unveiling the Real Name of Aspiring Rapper

The rapper from New York City was born on January 7, 2005, in Harlem, New York, United States. His real name is Justin Reyes, as per Famous Birthdays.

JayKlickin grew up with his siblings, including brothers David Reyes, whose real name is DD Osama, JStar Balla, the late Notti Osama, and a sister Melz.

He is a gifted musician whose songs merge various aspects of hip-hop and alternative hip-hop music to create a distinctive sound. 

The rapper is mainly known for his violent lyrics and grimy beats. Even though he began his career in 2021, he has already gained 28.1K million monthly listeners on his Spotify page. More than 13K followers follow him on Spotify as of writing.

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His Siblings Are Also in the Music Industry

JayKlickin’s siblings are also from the music industry and have made their own names through their songs. He also worked together with his brother JStar Balla.

JStar is known for his songs such as ‘Like This’ and ‘Steady.’ He released his debut song ‘Boolaxing’ in 2020. His songs gained millions of views on his YouTube channel.

His sibling David Reyes is also a rapper known professionally as DD Osama. He released multiple songs recently, including ‘Let’s Do It,’ ‘Who I A’ and others.

However, he is mainly known for his song ‘Without You,’ ‘Dead Opps,’ and ’40s N 9s.’ He started rapping in 2021 and releasing music professionally in 2022. Sadly, Notti Osama has already passed away in 2022.

Multiple Collaborations with Several Musicians

Over the years, he has collaborated with several other artists. He has worked with several musicians to create some incredible hip-hop tracks.

He has worked together with JStar Balla on his songs ‘Motion’ and ‘On the Radar,’ with Edot Babyy on ‘Rainy Days,’ and with Popolits 6ix on ‘Streetz.’.

The rapper collaboration with JStar Balla on ‘On the Radar’and Edot Babyy on ‘Rainy Days’ are the most prominent ones. The latter has a sad instrumental, which matches the lyrics’ gloomy tone.

On the other hand, in the song ‘On the Radar,’ JayKlickin’s smooth delivery and more upbeat approach of JStar come together flawlessly as the two performers’ complementary styles.

JayKlickin collaborated with different musicians to create the best tracks [Photo: Instagram]

He also teamed up with his brothers and fellow rappers Osama and JStar Balla on the song “Da Real Brotherly Love.” 

Overall, to produce some amazing music, the rapper has collaborated with a wide range of gifted musicians. These collaborations have given his music a distinctive taste, thus resulting in a unique and interesting discography.

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Amassed a Huge Fan Following on Social Media

Rising rapper JayKlickin has amassed many followers from his music career at such a young age. He got recognition from his song ‘PAIN,’ ‘Get Home,’ and ‘Streetz.’

So, as of writing, he has 181K followers on his Instagram profile. He has shared some of his pictures on it.

JayKlickin amassed many followers on social media through his music [Photo: YouTube/On The Radar Radio]

JayKlickin also has a TikTok account that features dance trends and rap clips. The music video for his song “PAIN” has gained over one million views on YouTube.