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J.D. Harmeyer and His Wife Jennifer Tanko’s Divorce Mystery

Bimal Waiba

J.D Harmeyer and his wife Jennifer Tanko

In celebrity whispers and relationship dramas, the spotlight has fallen on J.D. Harmeyer and his wife, Jennifer Tanko. The gossip is blazing if they have broken up, or are these whispers merely a playful dance around the truth?

However, the speculations rose as Harmeyer and Tanko weren’t seen together for quite some time. Netizens have believed both have parted ways and seem shocked as this couple, once inseparable, really called it quits.

Is Their Marital Life Headed to Divorce?

Harmeyer and Tanko were assumed inseparable marital duos but have recently sparked divorce rumors. Fans have believed they are parting and putting an end to their marriage.

TV Personality J.D. Harmeyer himself hasn’t addressed divorce officially. People even took to social sites like Reddit and Twitter to discuss Harmeyer and Tanko’s divorce situation.

One of the users wrote,” All signs point to his marriage being over. Combo of him traveling to recent events solo, as well as no mention of his wife at all in months”.

J.D Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko Twitter discussion.
A screenshot of the Twitter discussion. [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, the user also added that Harmeyer’s colleague Robin said he might meet the woman of his dreams on some trip. At that time, no one said, “He’s already married to the love of his life.”

Well, until and unless either of them speaks on the matter, people will continue with their speculations.

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Harmeyer Wedded Tanko in 2018

J.D. Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko had their intimate wedding in September 2018, just outside Las Vegas. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony attended by ten relatives, including Howard Stern.

J.D Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko.
The wedding picture of J.D Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko. [Photo: Facebook]

The groom wore a three-piece suit with brown shoes during the wedding, while the bride looked stunning in a light pink strapless gown. Before the event, Harmeyer even suffered a minor panic attack while having a facial due to the application of hot towels.

Moreover, Harmeyer had a funny and memorable incident at his wedding after exchanging wedding rings. The incident occurred in Sin City, where he tried his hand at blackjack but called it quits 5 minutes later, eventually losing $40.

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Harmeyer’s Wife Has a Strong Resume

Jennifer Tanko is a makeup artist, yoga instructor, and lifestyle blogger. She is presently a full-time teacher at Private Family Learning Pod. The lady also works as a founder and coach in Born to Rise.

Jennifer majored in a BS in Sociology and graduated from Towson University in 2010. She completed her master’s degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Jennifer is an avid blogger who posts about fashion, makeup, food, fitness, and lifestyle. As a makeup artist, she freelanced in Baltimore for a few years and later provided makeup services for weddings and proms.

Jennifer has always sought new experiences, as evidenced by her LinkedIn portfolio. She started her professional career as a part-time dance Instructor at Blacksburg Dance Academy from 2004 to 2006.

Jennifer Tanko
Jennifer Tanko. [Photo: Linkedln]

She also served as an elementary school teacher at the NYC Department of Education from 2016 to 2020. Some other ventured professions of Tanko were Campus Ambassador, Cashier, Administrative Assistant, and Belay and Rock Climbing Instructor.

In addition, Jennifer has also worked as a Nature Specialist at Park Slope Day Camp, a private summer and holiday camp professional since 1992. Her roles included ensuring the safety and well-being of the program participants and managing group counselors with other works.

She was an elementary school teacher at Baltimore Country Public School and the NYC Department of Education. Overall, Jennifer has explored career work in various fields, but the teaching and educational area is her major professional career.