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Charles Malik Whitfield Divorced His Ex-wife and Found Love Again

Dinesh Shrestha


The American actor Charles Malik Whitfield found love again after his divorce and married his beautiful wife Rosie Whitfield in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Charles was previously married to his ex-wife, Tiqua Meed, with whom he had two children. Unfortunately, their marriage ended with a divorce, but the reason for their separation was never revealed.

The actor is now spending quality time with Rosie. Charles constantly appreciates her on social media and shares their lovely pictures. No doubt, the couple has great bonding and compatibility.

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Actor Charles Malik Whitfield Ended His Marriage with Tiqua Meed

Initially, Charles Malik Whitfield married Tiqua Meed and shared two children – Alexis Whitfield, a daughter, and Malik Whitfield, a son.

However, the reason for their split has not been revealed yet. Although they separated, the pair co-parented their children.

The actor’s daughter, Alexis, uses her social media to express her gratitude for her parents. She adores her mother and refers to her as her best friend.

Alexis Whitfield wished Happy Mother’s Day to her mom [Photo: Instagram]

Take an example from a 2017 post, Alexis wished her mom on Mother’s Day. She captioned the post, “Happy Mother’s Day to the realest mama out there!!! words cannot describe how much I love you.”

Charles Found Love Again with Rosie Whitfield

After divorcing his first wife, Charles eventually found his soulmate, Rosie Whitfield. The couple has an absolutely adorable bond, and he constantly shares her picture and admires her for being in his life.

The duo also shares a son named Leo Whitfield. Also, Charles has posted a picture of his other daughter, Madisyn. But it is not unknown if she is his kid with Rosie.

Likewise, Rosie has also shared pictures of two little girls, and people in the comment section have mentioned them to be her girls. If they are Rosie’s children with Charles remains a mystery.

Charles Malik Whitfield’s beautiful wife, Rosie Whitfield [Photo: Instagram]

Rosie helped to elevate the actor’s life along with his spiritual well-being and family harmony. She also supported him in his highs and lows.

“I just couldn’t do it alone. I bow down in Love,” Charles said in an Instagram post.

He often speaks highly of her through social media and shows appreciation for being a great other half.

Charles Malik Whitfield’s Heartfelt Birthday Blessings to His Wife

The American actor posted his wife’s picture in September 2021 and wished her a Happy Birthday.

“Everyone, please help me scream Happy Birthday to the woman that holds the Whitfield family together,” he captioned.

“Every day is a blessing. You go above and beyond for not just our family buy for many families. Always with a smile on your face and love in your heart.” the actor said to his wife.

Charles Malik Whitfield gave heartfelt Birthday blessings to his Wife, Rosie Whitfield [Photo: Instagram]

“I love you, baby. It’s about to go down. The Epic Saga continues,” he wrapped up the caption.

Everyone wished her a Happy birthday in the comment section.

One user wrote, “Happy Birthday, Rosie Whitfield. May you celebrate many more,” while another user penned, “Happy Virgo Birthday to your beautiful Wife @rosiewhitfield1 May God Bless her with many more birthdays to celebrate! Cheers to her.”

“Love is Healing”- Actor’s Profound Words on the Power of Love

In July 2021, he posted his wife’s picture and captioned the post, “Love is healing.”

He wrote, “Every now and often, you just have to take a break from work and take your awesome wife out and pause for the cause.”

Many people reacted to his caption, while one user wrote, “She so lucky n blessed cus u are a handsome fella.”

One married user commented, “Facts!! Now that I’m married, I can understand.” Another user penned, “Awwww my Rosie!!! Love her!”

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Charles Expresses Gratitude to His Mother

The American actor posted his mother’s video and pictures in July 2020 and wrote a lengthy caption mentioning her as his greatest supporter.

Charles said that his mom wanted to say thanks for everyone’s posts and the love that they received while they all were quarantining around the world and trying to save precious lives.

“Better than my word are the words from@mama to you,” he said. The actor detailed that love is everything and requested to love and take care of each other.