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DD Osama’s Parents and Siblings Uphold Family Bonds Amidst Tragic Loss

Dinesh Shrestha


DD Osama, whose real name is David Reyes, grew up in New York alongside his five siblings—one sister and four brothers—and parents.

DD and his siblings always had each other’s back and shared a common interest which was rapping, especially two of them, Ethan and JStar, who played a huge role in his successful career at a young age.

Osama became a sensation overnight with the unfortunate death of Ethan, known as Notti Osama.

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Harlem Drill Rapper’s Viral Rise after Losing Younger Brother

The death of DD Osama’s younger brother, Ethan Reyes, left a massive impact on the drill music scene, at the same time skyrocketing DD’s career.

DD and Notti Osama were about 12 and 13 years old when they had both already jumped off the porch. The brothers collaborated with Sugarhill Ddot and released some no-holds-barred diss tracks to their names.

Sadly, in early July 2022, Notti Osama was stabbed to death in the 137th Street City College subway station.

The incident generated a lot of talk in the city about the trio and its music in New York’s drill scene. Overnight, it seemed, they became well-known.

DD Osama and his younger brother Notti-Osama were like a twin [Photo: Youtube/Publish X]

Drake approached them to serve as models for his newest clothing collection. Labels swooped in, carrying hefty briefcases.

However, DD’s younger brother’s death cruelly transformed into a joke in the meantime. Most notoriously by the attention-seeking viral hit ‘Notti Bop,’ a song and dance that made fun of how he passed away.

DD Osama, who had already been involved in the rap scene in the Sugar Hill area of Harlem, gained more fame after his brother’s death.

However, it didn’t matter to him after Ethan’s demise. They were basically like twins and did everything together.

Sugar Hill was their home, and they made a name for themselves there. DD also made a song for his late younger brother, ‘Letter to Notti.’

What Actually Happened to Notti Osama?

Notti was stabbed in July 2022 following an argument in a subway station, which was apparently between him and a 15-year-old competitor rapper.

Police haven’t confirmed the motive of the killing. They eventually believed that the incident might be related to a musical rivalry.

The suspect was arrested over the incident and accused of second-degree murder.

DD Osama doesn’t care about fame after his brother’s death [Photo: Instagram]

However, prosecutors discovered that Osama and his friends had trapped the suspect while attempting to leave. Then the charge was then changed to first-degree manslaughter.

Furthermore, the suspect was charged with criminal possession.

Memorable ‘Letter to Notti’ Performance with His Mother in Lil Durk’s Providence Show

On March 3, 2023, the 16-year-old rapper DD Osama performed ‘Letter to Notti’ alongside his mother, opening up for Lil Durk in Providence, R.I.

In front of a huge crowd, he performed a tribute song to his younger brother. The 16-year-old drill rapper’s mother worked in real estate, trying to provide for all of her children.

Although their biological father was absent, they had a stepdad who tried to fill that role.

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JStar Talked about His Relationship with His Parents and Siblings

In an Interview, JStar, DD’s older brother, talked about his relationship with his parents and siblings.

The rapper mentioned his mother as “Everything.” He also said that his biological father was never in the picture.

When asked about how he healed from his brother’s tragic passing, the rapper remorsefully admitted that there was no healing from what he and his family had to go through. Although, he affirmed that making and listening to music eased the pain to a degree.

JStar Balla talked about his relationship with his parents and siblings [Photo: Youtube/PPhilms]

So, he never had a good relationship with his biological or stepfather. JStar is the oldest child of his parents. His siblings made a name for themselves, and he never really had a problem with them.