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The Dynamic Life of the Comedian Sindhu Vee – Who Is Her Husband?

Binesh Shrestha


From not wanting to get married and then getting married with three children now, the talented Sindhu Vee has come a long way. Before meeting her husband, Sindhu was in a relationship with her maths teacher.

Ironically, she stated that the teacher was the most handsome man she had ever met. Nevertheless, the former pair broke up eventually. And now, she is enjoying a blissful marital life with her spouse.

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Married to a Financer Husband since the Early 2000s

There are sites with discrete information about Sindhu Vee’s spouse, but not all have revealed his name. However, according to MyLondon, the name of her husband is Jakob Horder.

It has also mentioned that the pair has been married since 2000 and have now enjoyed more than two decades of married life. Sindhu and her partner’s love story is not short of a fairytale.

Unlike Sindhu, the performer’s partner works in finance. Not many may know this, but before pursuing her career as a comedian, Sindhu Vee herself worked as a banker.

Sindhu Vee has been married for over two decades. [Source: Instagram]

The lovely couple first met one another when Sindhu was studying in the US on a scholarship. Though Jakob was there only for a term, their future had different plans in store for them.

After leaving the US, Sindhu met Jakob again years later. But this time, it was in London. As per her, the now married-duo probably met three times, that too with friends. And on one fine day, Sindhu Vee’s husband said they should get back together.

Considering Jakob proposed twenty days later, things must have gone pretty smoothly for the lovely duo. And knowing they worked in the same field, they must have had a lot of things to talk about.

As stated earlier, Sindhu wasn’t too fond of marrying. She once said, “Marriages don’t work on romance, they work on values.” Nevertheless, there is a saying, ‘Opposites attract,’ and the same might be the case with Sindhu Vee and Jakob Horder.

Sindhu said she was lucky with her beau. Comparing their polar opposite personalities, they share the same value system. It might sound surprising to many, but Sindhu’s husband doesn’t attend her shows. And she likes that.

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Proud Mother of Three Children

As aforementioned, Sindhu Vee and her other half have been married since the early 2000s. In their over twenty years of conjugal life, they have also embraced parenthood.

The 54-year-old comedian shares three lovely children with Jakob. However, she has never mentioned their names or gender.

One of her children is a son, that’s for sure. Because Sindhu once shared a humorous moment about her mother. When she had her first child, a health visitor visited her to check his weight.

The comedian’s mom asked the health visitor to talk to Sindhu more rather than about her grandson.

The old lady justified it by saying, “You have spent so much time talking about the baby. If this baby dies, my daughter will have another one. But if my daughter breaks, the baby is over. This family is over. Why don’t you spend more time talking to her?”

Well, she posts on her Instagram handle about their presence at times. But she does it in such a way that doesn’t reveal their faces; either hide their face with a sticker or show them only below their neck.

Taking into account how funny Sindhu Vee is in her gigs, she must have raised her little ones with a pinch of humor. Plus, there probably aren’t any dull moments with her. As a mother, Sindhu loves her kids a lot. She quit her profession following the birth of her eldest kid.

She revealed that she used to cry in the office bathroom because she missed her baby. Then after welcoming their third child, Sindhu Vee started exploring something else to do and later on stumbled upon comedy after a friend’s suggestion.