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What Is Cal Scruby’s Real Name? Know About His Net Worth

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Cal Scruby is an American who has made his name for himself in the music industry due to his exceptional talent, unique style, and lyrical content. His songs feature a wide range of topics related to his struggles.

After dropping a breakthrough mixtape titled The Calling in 2016, the rapper gained a huge fan following. The song caught the public attention, which helped him gain recognition in the rap scene.

Cal Scruby’s Real Name

The real name of the aspiring rapper is Calvin Scruby, as per Kidadl. He was born on September 4, 1989, in Kansas. In an interview with the Black With No Cream podcast, he revealed that he lived there for nine months after his birth and moved to Ohio because his dad got a job there.

From an early age, he loved to listen to music while growing up on a farm in the Cincinnati suburb of Lebanon. Later, he moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State University.

He became an Industrial engineering major instead of a writing or music major. The rapper was good at math, and industrial engineering seemed really tough major for him.

Cal Scruby began to write music during his college life [Photo: Instagram]

From the college, he began making music, which sharpened his freestyle skills, centering his songs around pop culture and collegiate life. Scruby also recorded his first-ever single, ‘Best Foot Forward,’ in a library at Ohio State University.

Later, in 2014, he signed with Riveting Entertainment. Next year, he released his album House in the Hills with the label. He also collaborated with big names like Chris Brown and Drake.

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His Brother Influenced His Musical Tastes

Cal Scruby has a brother who is four years older than him. The rapper’s brother was into pop groups like NSYNC. The music that Scruby’s brother liked eventually became edgier.

From the initial days, his brother was with him. His brother was also present when he performed for the first time at the tattoo parlor Doug.

“I loved to write, and hip-hop inspired me,” Scruby said. Now living in Southern California, he’s carved out a niche as a rapper who prefers self-deprecation over braggadocio.

Cal Scruby Net Worth From His Musical Career

As Cal Scruby is a rapper, his primary source is his musical career. Over the years, he has released multiple songs.

The rapper’s songs are also listed on music streaming sites like iTunes. In addition, more than seven hundred thousand people listen to his music on Spotify.

Apart from that, he also has an e-commerce website selling fashion merchandise -starting from $10. In addition, each year, he also goes on several tours in different cities.

Cal Scruby amassed a huge net worth from his different sources of income [Photo: Instagram]

The rapper also runs his own YouTube channel, where more than 284K people subscribed. He must have earned a good amount of money through her views.

In addition, he also tweeted about his net worth in 2018. He said he had Googled his name and discovered that one of his top searches was his net worth, which told his estimated net was under review.

He jokingly penned in the tweet that he could assure that his net worth was 45 cents and a gas station hotdog.

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Cal Scruby Has a Beautiful Girlfriend

The rapper has been in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, Celeste Durve. She founded The Viper Girls, an event management company. Plus she also hosts the Smart Is Sexy podcast.

As of writing, she has also gained over 13K followers, where she posts about fashion and lifestyle content.

He recently made his relationship Instagram Official by posting his picture with his girlfriend in August. She also commented on the post, saying, “I love youuu.”

Cal Scruby with his girlfriend Celeste Durve [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, Celeste also posted the same picture on her Instagram account. The two have a good bond and spend quality time together.