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Bob Menery Doesn’t Follow Summer Sheekey: Have They Split?

Suyasha Rupakheti


Bob Mereny’s relationship with his girlfriend, Summer Sheekey, is no less than a film edition. The couple has been in an on-and-off love affair for some time now.

But, since the couple no longer follow one another, the question arises – Have they called it off once and for all? They had broken up earlier and appeared to have patched things up in August 2023.

Got Back Together with His Girlfriend Summer in August 2023

In August 2023, the comedian shared a video from a bar, and he was there with his friends. One might wonder if the video of him enjoying time with his friends in a bar has anything to do with Sheekey and Menery’s relationship.

Well, at the bottom of the video, he wrote, “Good night, heading home. Summer is flying in. She cut a check. We forgave her. She’s back.”

Bob Menery posted about getting back with Summer Sheekey. [Photo: Instagram]

According to Glamour Buff, fans were not pleased with his story and started sending him messages saying he should not have gotten back together with Sheekey.

For instance, one fan wrote, “You have to be [expletive] kidding me. This is a joke, right bob? You can’t possibly be serious. This person put you into psych rehab and detox! This is a bit. Good one, Bob!”

He shared the screenshot of the message in his story and wrote, “AIN’T NOT BIT. RAW LIFE. BUT THIS WHAT I NEED TO HEAR.”

Fans were not happy with his story. [Photo: Instagram]

While this story was of August 2023, as of October of the same year, they no longer follow one another. So, everyone has been eager to know if the couple has called it off once and for all.

Unfortunately, until and unless one of them speaks on the matter, it remains a mystery.

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Menery and His Girlfriend, Sheekey, Were in a Legal Battle

Bob Mereny has often made headlines regarding his dating life, and it was no different when he revealed he was in a legal battle with his girlfriend, Summer, in May 2023.

According to FACTZ, he went on Instagram Live and vented his frustration. His action was opposite to what his legal team, who was begging him to refrain from exposing her adultery in fear of defamation, wanted.

Furthermore, it was not the first time he ignored the suggestions of his legal team. As per FACTZ, he ignored those advises often and used to say that the truth was a defense.

Menery accused Sheekey of manipulating him and using him as a stepping stone. He also accused her of playing the game of using him to push views and create clout. She allegedly kissed every guy around him as a bonus.

Fans discussed his decision on Reddit. One netizen wrote, “Bro looks clean there. Tried to turn a [expletive] into a house wife though..Hopefully he bounces back.”

Likewise, another user quipped, “Damn I really thought they would make it!…..” Other than that, many wrote ill about him.

Netizens shared their thoughts on his decision. [Photo: Reddit]

Furthermore, as per FACTZ, he contacted them and stated he would like a sit-down interview with “NO EDITS.”

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Menery and Sheekey Called it Quits More than 15 Times

Menery and his girlfriend, Sheekey, started dating in mid-2019. However, it is not known how they met and how their relationship flourished.

The couple was together for over two years but broke up more than 15 times. In May 2023, he announced his breakup with Sheekey via Instagram, and it was the 17th time that they had called it quits.

Likewise, they also broke up in September 2022. According to FACTZ, he took to Instagram to announce the breakup. At the time, he accused Sheekey of being shady and talking to other men.

According to Glamour Buff, in March 2023, he took to Instagram, shared several pictures alongside Sheekey, and announced that he would break down their relationship that lasted two and a half years.

In the now-deleted post, the comedian stated that two and half years was down the drain. He wrote, “Closure.’ New Podcast launches tonight at 9:00 EST only on @rumblecreators (link in bio) subscribe now. Breaking down everything from start to finish.”

He didn’t want to miss the episode as it meant a lot to him. Asking for respect, he revealed he had much to get off his chest.

Likewise, he went to comment and concluded the caption by dropping several comments. He wrote he would break down from start to finish as it was the closure he needed, and then he would be back to business.

His 30-day cleanse was coming, and he expressed that he wasn’t perfect and would discuss everything. He quipped, “This is a closure episode. Before you judge, why not sit back and watch it yourself.”

Menery wanted to do it the right way and needed to get the podcast going again. He would discuss what she put him through and what he put her through, all for the sake of closure. Afterward, they both wanted to move on for life.

However, the post has now been deleted, and it is not known if the podcast was released. However, the post received mixed reactions as some began to pity him while others thought it was childish.

Menery and Genie Bouchard Went on Two Dates

In May 2020, Menery and the tennis star Genie Bouchard had a virtual date after he paid $4,000 in a charity auction by a fan. He gatecrashed her Instagram Live video in April and agreed to go on a date if he donated the amount to charity.

The first date was successful, and they even planned for the second one. During the second date, she enforced a six-feet social distancing policy. However, things took a turn when she quizzed him about his love life.

Bob Menery had a date with Eugenie Bouchard. [Photo: Instagram]

She asked him how many women he had been with since their first meeting, and he replied, “Between one and something.” It took an even further turn when his social posts about their upcoming date encouraged someone to ask her out on a date.

She went on a date because of him and wanted to let him know that his posting might have backfired. Someone heard of her because he posted about her and then asked her to. When they went on a date, that person constantly said he heard about her because of Bob.

Furthermore, the tennis star encouraged Menery to keep posting and hoped more flooded in. She also joked that her pals were giving him a hard time.

Nevertheless, before dating Sheekey and going on a date with Bouchard, he was in a relationship with Katie Kearney. He tweeted her video and wrote, “Meet my girlfriend @/KatieKearney_ She is super athletic.”

Katie is a travel editor, reporter, and golf host. As of writing, she is happily married to Cooper MacNeil. On the other hand, it remains a mystery who Menery is currently dating.