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Natasha Verma and Abhi Singh Sealed Their Love: Engaged in March

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TV anchor and reporter Natasha Verma got engaged to Abhi Singh on March 24, 2023, on the 65th floor of 30 Rock in New York.

Abhi got down on one knee, presenting the beautiful engagement ring to her. He was dressed in a blue suit, and she looked stunning in a black dress.

The couple’s family and friends were also present there to witness the beautiful and important moment of their life.

Announced the Engagement News on Her Instagram

Verma shared the news of her engagement by posting the pictures on her Instagram profile, which boasts 175K followers as of writing. She appeared excited as she announced the news.

Natasha penned, “Still reeling from our engagement on the 65th floor of 30 Rock.” The reporter thanked all their family and friends for supporting and celebrating them.

Natasha Verma engaged to Abhi Singh [Photo: Instagram]

The reporter added that every moment of March 24th was perfect and thoughtful for her. “I WAS SURPRISED! Here’s to forever with you,” she wrote. Verma also flaunted her beautiful ring on her Instagram post.

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Natasha Verma Made the Relationship Instagram Official in 2021

Natasha Verma made her first post with Abhi Singh in May 2021. But it has been reported that she has been together with him since early 2020.

“Nothing says summertime like denim jackets and #BAEsball,” she captioned the post. They were at Coors Field enjoying a baseball match.

The couple wore a matching denim jacket. After viewing the post, netizens commented, “Gorgeous couple.”

Natasha Verma and Abhi Singh [Photo: Instagram]

After that, she frequently began to share pictures together on her Instagram. Those posts serve as evidence of how smitten the couple appears and how much they enjoy one another’s presence.

Likewise, in November 2021, the reporter also wished him a happy birthday. They flew to Los Angeles and celebrated his birthday with friends.

“Happy birthday to my person, my bb who completes my sandwiches,” she captioned the post.

Natasha Verma’s Heartfelt Appreciation for Fiancé Abhi Singh

Natasha never shies away from sharing her feelings for her beau and often shows off her love for him.

For instance, in one of her posts, she described Abhi as “One of the most selfless people.” The reporter shared their picture and appreciated his effort.

She reminisced about the time talking to him post-call after being up for 28 hours to do surgery on a 10-year-old boy. The patient had cancer and was asking if Abhi would do his case.

They devised a secret handshake and discussed how “Scars are cool in school” before the little boy was rolled into surgery.

“This is just one of the stories that shows who Abhi is as a doctor — and a person,” she penned.

The reporter said he left an indelible mark on his patients because, at his core. “Abhi goes above and beyond so proud of you!!!” she stated.

Verma knew the pain of being diagnosed with cancer, the value of a doctor, and how hard it was to remove the tumor.

So, she appreciated him for continuously working for 28 hours to do surgery. This was one of the moments she shared.

Netizens might not be aware, but she was once diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She had a tumor on the left side of her collarbone and the right side of her chest.

That was challenging for her, as her hair was also falling due to chemotherapy. She tried a synthetic wig, but it was itchy, and she could not style her hair the way she wanted.

Fortunately, she was in remission. After returning to work in January 2018, she initially wore a wig. But a couple of months later, she decided not to wear it and reveal the hair growth underneath.

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Natasha Congratulated Abhi Singh on Graduation

In June 2022, the reporter congratulated her soon-to-be husband on his graduation from residency.

“Congratulations to the smartest, hardest working, most handsome, empathetic, and only surgeon I know who can rock a pair of jorts – on graduating from residency,” she penned.

She had the privilege in 2020 of witnessing the selfless dedication of her fiance to surgery and patient care during the pandemic.

Abhi had worked 80-100 hour weeks, 24-hour in-hour calls, and then again came home to practice suturing.

Natasha Verma’s fiance Abhi Singh [Photo: Instagram]

Since living with you, I have gotten more used to blood stains. I love you @heyitsabhis and am SO PROUD of you!! 🙌🏽 I can’t wait to see the lives you’ll change at @childrenscolo next,” she said.