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Did Adam Ferrone’s Wife Turn Down His Proposal At First?

Prasiddha Gautam


Back in December 2019, Adam Ferrone was seen bending his knee on a Twitter post. It was obvious that he was proposing to his now-wife, Allison Ferrone.

However, the caption, “She said she’d think about it and to ask again in a couple weeks,” suggests that she might have turned his offer down.

Many of his fans congratulated him, while some were confused as to why others were congratulating him. In addition, few of them even asked him not to propose to her again.

It is not sure if Ferrone was serious with his tweet. Eventually, he and his partner ended up marrying later on.

Ferrone Revealed He Was Married Four Months Later

When Ferrone first tweeted the above-mentioned tweet, many must have believed that his relationship with Allison must have been over. However, to their surprise, he uploaded their wedding picture out of nowhere.

Ferrone married his lover, Allison Ferrone (Dale), in the year 2021, after more than half a decade of relationship.

Further, on the Instagram post, he penned, “Married 4 months. Best choice I’ve ever made.[SIC]”

During their wedding, the bride wore a long white gown with a veil on her head. Further, the bride’s groom wore a dashing suit and matched it with a shirt and a tie.

Allison has cherished their wedding memories and keeps uploading glimpses of the event on her Facebook. She had also shared a snap of them kissing passionately during the romantic night of their marriage.

Have Been Together Since The Mid-2010s

The barstool host had introduced his partner for the first time on his Instagram in September 2015. The beautiful blonde was seen wearing a red cap while holding a drink with her teeth.

In the image, Ferrone was grinning while his partner was holding a black colored umbrella. He had penned, “Calgary, we give no [expletive] about this rain.”

The Ferrone couple has been together for quite some time now. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, the exact date of the pair’s first rendezvous is yet to be unveiled.

Nevertheless, Ferrone and Allison share a loving bond, and they enjoy going on adventurous trips at times.

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The Married Couple Leads an Adventurous Life

It has been over 2 years since the pair’s marriage, and they are still head over heels for one another.

Ferrone’s wife, Allison, has private Instagram and Twitter accounts, and she must surely upload tons of photos of the duo.

Though, one can also find plenty of snaps of the lovebirds on Ferrone’s social media handle.

Nearly a year ago, Ferrone and Allison had gone together with their friends on a vacation to Palm Island. They were seen enjoying the tropical heritage offered by the Island, plus enjoying the waves of the ocean.

Ferrone and Allison enjoying their vacation at Palm Island. [Photo: Ferrone’s Instagram]

Nevertheless, the pair have maintained a balance between their professional and marital life and served as an example of a perfectly married duo.

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Ferrone’s Wife Works as an Area Sales Manager

Allison Ferrone graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising in the year 2011.

She started her career working for Bioventus. The lovely lady was a territory manager and associate sales representative/education specialist at that company.

Allison is an experienced sales manager. [Photo: Allison’s Facebook]

Almost 3 years later, she changed her workplace and was employed as a Clinical Sales Specialist in NOVADAQ for more than a year. After that, Allison served for Ziehm Imaging, initially as a Regional Account Manager and then as the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for a total of 4 years.

Now, the sales veteran is employed at Medtronic as their Area Sales Manager. She started working there in May 2020 and has spent 3 years and 7 months.

Furthermore, Allison is also the volunteering mentor of the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. She has actively been a part of the foundations since 2015.

All in all, both Ferrone and his wife, Allison, are enjoying life to the fullest. Hopefully, the married couple’s relationship will last forever.