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Is the American Pastry Chef Zac Young gay?

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Coming out has been a process for Celebrity chef Zac Young. While he came to terms with his sexuality in middle school, it was only later he started to talk openly about who he was.

Zac started to unveil his sexual identity in 2011. In one of his tweets in October 2011, the pastry chef wrote, “National Coming Out Day!!! Celebrate by getting wasted at your local gay bar!”

Celebrity Pastry Chef Zac Young [Photo: Instagram]

Since then, Zac Young has been updating his fans and followers regarding his sexual identity on Twitter. Additionally, Zac has shared that he was tormented for being fat and gay. But, he did not let it affect him, and now he has made a career out of it.

Coming Out As Gay

In an episode of The Art of Intersection, Top Chef finalist Zac Young reminisced about a powerful moment of realization for his straight middle school classmates.

He shared it was one of the worst times of coming out as a teenager as he did not fit in and was terrible at sports.

In the interview with the host Aaron Hicklin, Zack talked about his passion growing up. Additionally, he recounted powerful moments of realization during his school years for his straight-school classmates.

Zac Young [Photo: Instagram]

The pastry chef revealed in the interview that he spent most of his time in dance and theater classes. This prompted him to take theater classes in high school and college.

But as time passed, he realized he was disenchanted, and his love for theater faded away. Then, at 23, he found his passion for baking cookies.

This passion led him to participate in Top Chef: Just Desserts, where he left a mark as a finalist.

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Rainbow Delights: Celebrating Pride in the Kitchen

In the interview with Gayety, Zac expressed that he incredibly loved what he did in the kitchen and continued to explore new avenues in the field.

In regards to the importance of his representation as an LGBTQ chef, Zac said, “There are activities in the frontline who are doing really important work, being very vocal and driving the ship, and then as I’ve learned there are people that can be activist simply by being.”

The pastry chef further added that he never thought he had added any value or contribution. He shared that he just made cupcakes and talked about cake on television, but he used to get responses.

Zac revealed that he received messages from fans for being an inspirational figure. They thanked him for being the reason to share their identity with family and friends.

Zac Young Demonstrates His Pastry Skill [Photo: Instagram]

He further added, “I’m just proud, we have reached some level of normalcy where it’s not like I need to be wearing heels while doing it or eyelashes, I have no problem with doing either, if anyone wants to do a show with me doing a show wearing heels and eyelashes, totally down for that.”

Zac further expressed there were other ways to become an activist in the community, like being yourself.

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Is the Gay Pastry Chef Married?

Recent updates on his social media indicate that the pastry chef seems single at the time.

Crossover99 has reported that the pastry chef was in a relationship with a man in 2010. The report has claimed that after nine years of acquaintance, the person had finally asked Zac out. However, the celebrity chef has not commented on the speculation.

On the other hand, Passport Magazine claimed that in 2017 Zac was living in Manhattan with his “loving and very understanding techie boyfriend.”

However, it’s unclear whether the two are still together or their relationship has already ended.

There is no information regarding his dating life as of 2023. Nevertheless, he might be focusing on his professional ventures.