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Yung Bleu and Girlfriend Celebrate Baby Girl

Dinesh Shrestha


Yung Bleu and his girlfriend Tiemeria welcomed their third child on May 25, 2022. The couple had a lovely baby girl who turned one year old earlier this year.

Initially, the American rapper revealed he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend in February 2022. Alongside a video featuring an ultrasound snippet and his girlfriend, he announced they were expecting a baby girl.

“A sign that I am complete now,” Bleu captioned the post.

On Valentine’s Day, he shared the amazing news with everyone.

Celebrating his little girl’s birthday in May, Bleu shared an Instagram video of his beautiful daughter and wished her a happy birthday.

Yung Bleu with his daughter [Photo: Instagram]

Welcomed Two Sons With Girlfriend Before Having a Daughter

The lovely couple already had two sons before they welcomed a daughter to complete their family.

Their oldest son, Yung Jace, was born on October 27, 2020, whereas the couple’s eldest son’s birth date has been kept under wraps.

The rapper and his girlfriend hadn’t introduced their firstborn to the public, but one savvy Instagram user found a picture of him holding his oldest son.

The fan page tagged him and his girlfriend and congratulated the couple. The same user had also shared a picture of Tiemeria lying on the bed after giving birth to her second child.

Back then, the rapper had thanked Tiemeria for giving him another beautiful son over an Instagram post of his own.

Nine months after their oldest son was born, he posted a picture on Twitter and tweeted, “My son nine months This literally a mini-me lol.”

While the rapper and his girlfriend refrain from introducing their firstborn son, the youngster often makes appearances on his parents’ socials.

Before having a family with Tiemeria, the American rapper was in a relationship with Shunna Phillips. They also had a son. However, the couple broke up, and Bleu moved on to have another relationship.

Yung Bleu and his girlfriend Tiemeria with sons (One of the sons was from his previous relationship) [Photo: Facebook]

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Ex-Girlfriend Shunna Phillips Called Him the Worst Father

Prior to dating Tiemeria, he was committed to Shunna Phillips. They also shared one son.

Phillips called the rapper for allegedly being the worst father of their son Corbin. With an Instagram post now- deleted, she claimed that he was abusive and publicly wished she never had a baby with him.

She accused him after the couple separated. “As a man, you’ve failed, As a Co-Parent, you’ve failed, and as a father, you’ve extremely failed Corbin,” said Phillips on her Instagram.

Furthermore, she stated that she failed when choosing the father of her son. Phillips was so upset that she wished she’d never had a kid with him and would change things in an instant if she could.

Phillips called him a failed father and claimed he had never done anything for Corbin.

“If you died today or tomorrow, I’d literally spit on your [expletive] grave, ” stated the Instagram post.

Phillips Accused Yung Bleu Of Domestic Violence

After calling him the worst father, the former girlfriend accused the singer of domestic violence.

“Last night, he came to my house beating and kicking on my door, acting a fool. The police had to escort him from the property and make his crazy [expletive] leave,” Phillips claimed.

Further calling Bleu unstable and mentally ill, she requested him to stop stalking her and using their son as a pawn.

She had also shared a video on her Instagram showing a black SUV driving past her residence.

In the caption, Phillips said, “If something happens to me, I want everyone to know bleuvandross did it!!!!!.”

Phillips alleged that he tried to take her life twice, once at gunpoint and the other with a knife to her throat, as per Hotnewhiphop.

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Yung Bleu’s Response To The Allegations

Bleu also defended himself against his baby mama’s allegations.

He said that manipulating the support of black women who have gone through actual abuse and using the “protect black women” movement to get sympathy behind her lies was “mental illness.”

In addition, he also claimed that she actually texted him and said, “ima show u how it feel to be lied on.”

The American rapper tried to clear his name by revealing a screenshot of a conversation between him and Phillips.

The singer went to her house with the police to find his son but couldn’t enter without a warrant. He further clarified that she refused to answer the door.

“That’s her only connection to me and she know it. She don’t wanna give him back cuz when he with me we don’t speak at all. Normal bitter baby mama shit,” Bleu alleged.

The singer then called himself “too rich” to stalk her and said he had no feelings for her after spending seven years apart.