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Everything You Need to Know About LovelyLo

Binesh Shrestha


LovelyLo, whose real name is Lauren, is famous for being a streamer. She has amassed a massive fan following from her video gaming skills and interactions with other players.

Her popularity was boosted even more when FaZe Swagg included her in one of his videos with the title ‘Meet My New Girlfriend.’

Already Broke up with Faze Swagg

As stated above, FaZe Swagg, real name Kris Lamberson, included LovelyLo in his gaming video, and the title suggested that they were dating.

Lauren first met her boyfriend when they were playing War Zone 2 on proximity chat. When he asked if she was single, she replied yes.

After that, the beautiful streamer humorously stated that she liked to be wined and dined at first, meaning entertained with good food.

Funnily, Lauren later unveiled that she didn’t drink wine and preferred grape juice or water instead.

Swagg also asked her the number of dates she would like. Lauren initially said five first but later added that she was worth ten dates. However, he reduced the number of dates to two while continuing to play Call Of Duty.

On their first e-date, she even thanked him and called him her hero for shooting down an enemy. Lauren also revealed that she loved In-N-Out Burger over Five Guys as she found them greasy.

Things were seemingly going fine for the couple. Swagg had even asked her to be his Valentine in Warzone 2.

Unfortunately, after appearing in some videos together, Swagg uploaded yet another video with the title ‘We Broke Up..’ In the starting, he stated that if Lauren didn’t get any nuke, then it won’t work between them.

Nuke basically means a nuclear bomb in the COD game which can be used after getting twenty kills in a row without dying.

For what it was worth, the former pair seemed to have had fun till it lasted.

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Has a Massive Fan Following on Social Media

The Twitch streamer is also a famous social media star considering her millions of followers. Having made her Twitch debut a couple of years ago, she has come a long way now.

At the moment, the Twitch streamer has 25.9K, 175K, 114K, 113K, and 1.2M followers on her Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, respectively. Also, she has 1.76M and 15.4K subscribers on her LovelyLo and MoreLovelyLo YouTube channels, respectively.

Most of her content is gaming related. She also, at times, uses a voice changer and trolls people with a guy’s voice.

Well, has she already got over a billion views bearing in mind she has millions of followers?

Earnings from Her Merch and Social Media Handle

It is common for internet personality to release their own merch after reaching a certain level of fame. Similarly, the Twitch streamer has released a series of hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, shorts, and hats.

The prices range from $29.99 to $49.99.

In addition, knowing how she has amassed tons of followers on her streaming handles, earnings from them must also be contributing to LovelyLo’s net worth.

LovelyLo earns from her merch and streaming platforms. [Source: Twitch]

According to Social Blade, her primary YouTube channel has estimated earnings ranging from $23.7K to $379.5K monthly and $284.6K to $4.6M annually.

It looks like Lauren is also putting her money to good use. At the end of March, she tweeted a video showing how she and her community donated brand-new Xboxes to twins Cayden and Chloe.

The adorable kids were genuinely happy, and the little girl thanked the Twitch streamer, saying she was pretty lovely.

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Has Remained Mum about Her Personal Life

Apart from uploading gaming content, the beautiful Lauren has remained mum about her personal life.

It is not known how old she is as she hasn’t disclosed her birthdate. But, as per Famous Birthdays, she was born on November 17 in the US. Moreover, multiple sites suggest that she is of mixed ethnic background.

LovelyLo has not revealed a lot about her personal life. [Source: Instagram]

Nevertheless, the Twitch streamer has already presented herself as a renowned name in the world of gaming. The way she has been amassing views and followers on her social media handles, her popularity is bound to rise even more.

Hopefully, she will one day let her fans a peek into her life outside the games.