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Everything You Need to Know About Caamp’s Taylor Meier

Binesh Shrestha


Taylor Meier is a talented singer who rose to popularity from his band Caamp. He started loving music in his sophomore year.

Since its inception, Caamp has been doing well and has brought stardom to its band members.

Taylor’s Mentor Is Spikedrivers’ Frontman Jesse Henry

Only some people have enough courage to leave everything and solely focus on what they want to do. Taylor once said that dropping out of school was the easiest thing he had ever done.

When his parents said, “You can’t do nothing,” the singer simply replied he wanted to do guitar. After that, Taylor’s mom brought Jesse Henry to him.

The Caamp’s lead singer still remembered his early encounter with his mentor. When he first came and opened his guitar case, Jesse mostly smelt weed.

Taylor simply put it that Jesse felt like folklore and was taken aback by his vast knowledge of music.

When Taylor’s music lesson started, he wasn’t doing great with the theory of music. Well, Jesse didn’t discourage him about it. He rather gave him three songs every week to learn.

During that time, Taylor was introduced to the likes of Bob Dylan, Ray LaMontagne, and Trevor Hall. Besides that, Taylor was also into reggae and tried learning the solo from Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry.’

Taylor’s biggest accreditation to Jesse was that he knew his love for music and never was condescending about anything. Jesse was getting paid $20 an hour. But later, the duo became so close money rarely mattered.

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Started Caamp with His Childhood Friend Evan Westfall

It is a funny story about how Taylor and one of his band members, Evan Westfall, ran into one another.

Evan first found out about Taylor when his fifth-grade girlfriend was going out with him. The duo then ended up together in the same peewee football league.

Once while doing a drill, Evan couldn’t tackle a bigger guy. When he turned around, there was Taylor, who patted his shoulder and said that it was all good and he got that.

The duo has been inseparable since then. In the beginning, they often played music at their parents’ friend’s neighborhood parties.

Evan and Taylor’s separation didn’t last long when the latter attended Ohio University at Athens, and the former remained at a community college in Columbus.

Later Taylor invited Evan to join him, and they frequently hit college-town coffee shops. The duo first realized they were onto something when Taylor’s original song ‘So Long, Honey’ had the public stunned silent at Donkey Coffee.

In 2016, they released a self-titled debut including ten songs which were a total of 29 minutes long. Caamp was already a trio in 2019, having welcomed their old friend Matt Vinsion as a bassist.

Then they became a band of four after inviting Joseph Kavalec as a keyboardist in 2020.

Taylor Meier with his friends or band members. [Source: Instagram]

The band has to date released four albums, Lavender Days being their latest.

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Taylor Also Has Two Other Projects

Alongside Caamp, Taylor is also involved in two other projects. In Sumbuck, Taylor’s pen name, he focused on a wide sonic pallet with changing moods and members.

In one way or another, all of his creations are love songs but just woven differently. Taylor has said that he brought songs from the Midwest for lovers and lovers alike.

As for his other side project, it is called Wax Jackets. His alternate self Terry Lee and his keyboardist’s alternate self Jerry Lee, have brought new sounds and vintage modern classics to their fans.

Taylor Meier, aka Terry Lee, and Joe Kavalec, aka Jerry Lee. [Source: Instagram]

Their EP release show was on 14 October 2022.

All in all, the 29-year-old singer is doing well in his career. As his professional life is pretty transparent, he has remained mum about his private life.

It is not known if the talented singer is either married or in a relationship. What is known is that he is doing what he likes and also entertaining his fans.

Plus, knowing how popular he is and often does shows Taylor Meier’s net worth must be a significant amount.