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TimTheTatman Realized His Wife Was the One after Two Breakups

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After breaking up and patching up twice with his wife Alexis, TimTheTatman finally realized that she was the one with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

The streamer didn’t use to reveal information about his partner in the past. However, everything changed after he proposed to her.

TimTheTatman and His Wife Alexis First Dated in High School

The love story of TimTheTatman, whose full name is Timothy John Betar, began in his high school, where he met Alexis. However, after being in a relationship for a while, the duo decided to end things.

Tim credits his immaturity as the breakup reason for their first falling off. Later on, the lovebirds’ paths crossed once more in college. Eventually, they started dating again.

TimTheTatman and his wife Alexis. [Source: Instagram]

But sadly, this time, too, their relationship wasn’t a success. Because of their long distance, Tim and Alexis yet again ended their relationship.

Later on, in 2015, after two breakups, Tim realized Alexis was his soulmate and the girl with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

Tim confessed his feeling and poured out his emotions. Well, Alexis was so convinced that she even quit her job and returned back to be with him.

It only took a couple of months of dating before TimTheTatman got down on one knee.

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Alexis Already Knew about Tim’s Proposal

While streaming from her husband’s channel, Alexis revealed the cute story of how Tim executed the proposal.

Tim first asked Alexis’ father’s permission, which he told her about later. Then, Tim and Alexis went to a nice resort where he had scheduled some massages and a mud wrap.

Alexis knew the proposal was coming and was expecting it to come later that night as Tim had planned a fancy dinner for the couple. After getting ready, the pair headed out and walked over a bridge that had a pond beneath.

Since it was December, there were also pretty Christmas lights. As they were crossing the bridge, Tim stopped, and Alexis thought that was it. However, he moved on along.

They had to wait for some time before sitting down for dinner, so they had two drinks. Then later, during the dinner, Tim asked his to-be-wife to finish the whole bottle of wine so they could get their money’s worth.

To her surprise, Tim didn’t propose that time too. So she thought she might have been wrong about the trip. Then Alexis had hopes that Tim would ask her to marry him once they got to the bridge, but alas, he ran over it.

So basically, Tim was always one step ahead of his partner. When they got to the room, and Alexis opened her door, she found rose petals everywhere, love spelled on the bed with hearts, and a bottle of champagne on the nightstand.

As per her, Tim said some things before getting down on a knee. And when he finally proposed, Alexis replied, “That’s so cute! Do it again!”

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Happily Married with a Son

The adorable couple walked down the aisle in August 2016. It has been over six years since they started their marital journey, and they are still happily moving along.

The social media personality never misses to wish his wife their anniversary. He always uploads a photo alongside her, exclaiming her his best friend and the love of his life.

In April 2019, they welcomed a new member of their family. Alexis gave birth to the pair’s first kid, whom they named Brewer.

TimTheTatman alongside his wife Alexis and son Brewer. [Source: Instagram]

Tim took on to his social media handles to share the good news with his followers. He was happy to meet his little one and was pretty excited to have many memories with him.

It is evident that TimTheTatman is enjoying his life alongside his wife and son. He often gushes about them and doesn’t miss out on any chances to flaunt his blissful family.