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Jessie Murph’s Ex-Boyfriend Landed Her in Therapy

Binesh Shrestha


Jessie Murph candidly outed her ex-boyfriend in a TikTok clip. Their relationship didn’t end well, considering he landed her in therapy.

Oftentimes, artists are inspired by their real life. Similarly, Jessie Murph, whose lyrics are mostly heartbreaking, seems to have done the same.

Had a Bad Breakup

Jessie Murph doesn’t talk about her love life a lot unless it is in her songs. However, in December 2021, she posted a TikTok video with the caption “NEVER AGAIN,” followed by a crying emoji.

The video basically asked, ‘Show a picture of you and your bf when u first met vs now.’ What followed next was what her followers expected the least.

The first photo was of Jessie with her ex-boyfriend, sitting on his lap, taking a mirror selfie. And to her fans’ surprise, the second photo was of a calender with an hour of therapy session that she had scheduled.

Well, taking that TikTok video into consideration, it was not difficult to predict that the former pair didn’t end things positively.

Furthermore, one of her hit songs, ‘How Could You,’ could also be related to her split. According to an annotation on Genius, Jessie doesn’t like talking about her past relationship at all.

It further stated that she had just got to the point where she could talk to a therapist, and the reason she wrote the song was because she couldn’t actually talk about it.

Another annotation also stated that Jessie wrote ‘While You’re At It’ for the same guy and was a heartbreak song.

While sharing the official lyrics and meaning behind ‘If I Died Last Night,’ she gave a little insight into her love life. She revealed that she was in a bad relationship but was in love, or at least what she thought was love.

And now, looking back at it, she said that it wasn’t love.

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Jessie Is Possibly Single Now

Considering how Jessie was left traumatized after her past relationship, which even led her to therapy, it might take a while for her to trust someone.

In June she uploaded a TikTok video captioned “My boyfriend” and had her fans anticipated. However, it was just a troll video where she introduced Lucky Charms cereal.

One user commented, “The day you actually have a bf i’ll be expecting a lucky charms box instead of him,” while the others admired her acting skills.

There are plenty of couples who post romantic photos over Jessie’s songs. But it feels like her fans must wait patiently for the singer to upload romantic posts over her own songs.

Jessie, at times, uploads photos posing with a bouquet of flowers, raising eyebrows as if it was given to her by a possible partner. However, it’s just flowers from her concerts.

Jessie Murph is possibly single. [Source: Instagram]

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Jessie Was Raised on Country Music

The beautiful singer grew up in Alabama. She taught herself to play ukulele, keyboard, and guitar when she was just aged 10 or 11. Jessie gained popularity after her six singles were released. They amassed millions of streams over multiple platforms.

She was mostly raised on country music, alongside a love of hip-hop. You can hear it in her music as well. She is also passionate about pop music.

Jessie previously wrote and recorded songs in her bedroom.

Jessie Murph was raised on country songs. [Source: Instagram]

The beautiful singer basically began her career singing covers and uploading them on YouTube and TikTok. It was only in 2021 that she released her debut single ‘Upgrade’ after signing a record deal with Columbia Records.

Her voice is charming, with both power and beauty containing a pinch of huskiness and depth.

Overall, Jessie has come a long way now from her early days. Hopefully, she will run into someone who will eventually make her believe in love again.