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Samantha Mathis’ Boyfriend Picture Posts Pause After 2014

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Samantha Mathis shared a couple of pictures of her boyfriend, Sky Shepard, on her social media. She used to pen beautiful captions for him.

Then she paused to post the image of her man. Netizens ultimately were curious to know about their relationship. They wanted to know if the couple was together or if they got married.

Posted Her First Picture With Boyfriend On March 2014

In the first half of 2014, the 53-year-old American actress began to share her boyfriend’s images. The couples were on the Vieques trip when she began openly posting his pictures on her social media account.

The duo could be seen in the snap grinning while wearing sunglasses. “Sunset boat ride with my man,” she penned.

The Cuban-American actor Yul Vazquez composed “Cute.” In addition, her sister Sommer Mathis said that the couple was looking too cute.

Samantha Mathis shared her first picture with her boyfriend, Sky Shepard [Photo: Instagram]

The actress shared a couple of pictures from her Vieques trip. Later in April 2014, she shared a picture while shaving his head. “Why yes, that is my man getting his head shaved last night by CR whilst drinking champagne,” the actress composed.

Talking about her boyfriend, according to Smartbackgroundchecks, Samantha’s beau is 49 years old and born in June 1974. The outlet also claimed their possible relatives include Emily Smith, Joel Shepard, M Woodfin, Strath Shepard, Woodfin Lee, Andrew Smith, and Arthur Smith.

His current reported address is 167 County Route 21b. Before that, he lived at 167 County Route 21c for less than a year.

However, shortly after making her relationship Instagram official, the actress stopped to post his pictures, and neither shared any update on their relationship.

Netizens were curious if they tied the knot or if they were even together. But since she never talked about her relationship, whether the actress is married or if they are still together remains a mystery.

Samantha Talked About Death of Her Former Boyfriend

It took 25 years for Samantha Mathis, who dated River Phoenix at the time of his death, to acknowledge how her life was shaped by the horrific night in 1993.

Following his death, she followed the lead of his family to keep the events surrounding his death low-key but later came to realize that the pain that came with keeping it and the story was hers, too. So, she sat down with The Guardian to divulge about their relationship and how she witnessed his demise when they were just 23.

Mathis explained the incident when they went to the Viper Room, a Johny Depp-owned club in Los Angeles, on the evening of October 30, 1993, with River Phoenix, his brother Leaf (now Joaquin), and Rain.

The actress thought they were going to drop off his sister and little brother. But when they reached, he said to her that “Oh, there are some people playing music tonight in the club who want me to play with them – that’s OK, right?”

Mathis wasn’t okay because she thought they would straightly go to her house. She recalled that something was wrong that night, but she couldn’t understand what it was.

She didn’t see anyone consuming drugs, but one thing was clear he was high in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. The actress already knew that he wanted to stay, and she thought that it wouldn’t be long since some of his stuff was in the trunk of her car.

She stated while crying, “Forty-five minutes later, he was dead.” He was just 23, and she was also the same age.

It would have been traumatic for any young person, but since Mathis and her boyfriend were popular, she had to cope with an extra level of attention.

Samantha Mathis and River Phoenix Met When They Were 19

Samantha and River met for the first time in the LA club when they were both 19, and he bummed a cigarette from her. She had already sensed a connection with him and revealed that she knew she would be with him one day.

The actress instantly felt that fate between them, and there was such good chemistry. Like her wish, the pair encounter after three years when both of them were cast in the drama and romance movie The Thing Called Love.

Mathis thought at that time they were recognizing something in each other. She was raised by a single mother and started to act when she was a teenager.

The pair were from different families, but some broken parts of them which they recognized and connected to each other. The two believed that they found a safe haven.

Unfortunately, the couple’s love story didn’t have a happy ending due to his heartbreaking death.

Samantha Mathis Had Dated Several Famous Actors

Over the years, there have been rumors that the 53-year-old actress dated a number of well-known actors. She had reported being connected with other actors besides River Phoenix.

As per Ranker and WDW, the actress initially dated Christian Slater. The couple started dating in November 1989. They also worked together in their movie, Pump Up the Volume, in 1990. However, in October 1990, the pair ended their relationship.

Then she committed to John Leguizamo in 1991. The couple dated for one year and split in August 1992. He is a famous American actor, stand-up comedian, filmmaker, and playwright.

After she split up with John, she began dating one of the well-known actors River Phoenix. The couple together appeared in the movie The Thing Called Love in 1993. Sadly, her boyfriend died at the age of 23.

In 1994, he linked to the British actor Christian Bale, with whom she shared an on-screen romance in the movie named Little Women. The two started dating in April 1994 and ended their relationship in November.

Her dating history didn’t stop her. Furthermore, she connected to American actor Noah Wyle. Just after dating for one year, she ended her relationship with him in January 1996.

Apart from actors, she was finally in a relationship with Musician Adam Duritz. Like her previous relationship, she dated him for just one year, from 2004 to 2005.

Again, she reported to be committed to Colin Hanks. But the pair separated just after dating for seven months in 2009.

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Samantha Mathis First Commercial Project Was With Her Mother

Samantha Mathis was born in 1970 to Donald Mathis and Austrian-born Bibi Besch. Her mother is an actress who has worked in television for over two decades. She fluently spoke German from childhood, stemming from her Austrian royal ancestry.

Furthermore, her maternal grandmother was also an actress Gusti Huber. She is well known for her The Diary of Anne Frank, Unentschuldigte Stunde, and Jenny und der Herr im Frack.

Mathis first project was in a commercial for baby products with her mother. But her parents got divorced when she was only three years old. She grew up with her brother Clayton Mathis and sister Sommer Mathis.

She entered the acting career at a very young age. Mathsis’s first feature film was Pump Up the Volume in 1990. Sadly, she lost her mother when she was 26 years old.

Samantha Mathis with her brother and sister [Photo: Instagram]

Just seven years ago, in 2016, she also lost her father, Donald B Mathis. The actress shared the news through her Instagram profile by uploading her childhood picture with her dad.

She penned in the caption, “RIP poppa. Born May 10, 1934. Died on May 20, 2016. Donald B Mathis.” When netizens viewed the post, they began to give consolation to her.

One user penned, “Sorry to hear your very sad news, my thoughts, and prayers to you and family.” Then another used composed, “Sorry for your loss.”

Over the years in her acting career, she has appeared in several movies giving her stellar performance. After her first debut, she worked in films in FernGully: The Last Rainforest in 1992.

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Apart from her acting, the actress founded Succulent LA, a successful online flower design business, alongside designer and business partner Ryann Davis.