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Chris Distefano Thought He Lost His Mom on 9/11

Dinesh Shrestha


In a Facebook post in 2015, Chris shared his experience when his mom survived the terrible incident of 9/11.

Chris was in an Economics class at Archbishop Molloy High School when his teacher came in and said, “Boys plane just hit the World Trade Center.”

He knew that his mom worked either in the WTC or very close. “I was 17, so an even bigger idiot than I am now,” he said.

After hearing the news, he immediately started crying. His friend and classmate named John Gichuru, comforted him while other students looked at him confused.

“It was an all-boys Catholic High School, so breaking down crying in the middle of class was hard for everyone else to see,” he explained.

Chris’ teacher excused him from class and he wandered around the hallways trying to call his mom.

Unfortunately, his cell phone wasn’t working, and moreover, the librarian saw him and told him both towers had collapsed.

“I was now convinced My Mom was gone,” he said. Then Brother Regis took him to the library with other students who were upset.

Regis told him no matter what happened, his mother was safe. That comforted him, even though for a short time.

Chris struggled to believe in faith and tried calling his aunt Eileen. His aunt also worked in Brooklyn, and he knew she was safe.

All his other aunts and family members called Eileen and let them know they were safe, except his mother.

As the minutes and hours went on, he went through a range of emotions. He left school and went home. He opened the door wanting to just jump in his mom’s bed and smell her scent one last time.

But when Chris did, she was standing right there. At first, he believed she was a ghost and genuinely thought he was seeing her spirit.

When he accepted that it was her and she had survived, he hugged and kissed her like she never had before. She had blood on her knee because she fell off the bus in Brooklyn. “But that’s my Mom,” he stated.

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Chris Distefano Called His Mom [Expletive]

Once, Chris Distefano called his mom a [expletive] and his dad punched him in the face.

The comedian’s father asked him, “What did you say to your mother?” He replied, “I called her [expletive].” Then his father asked the reason behind it.

Chris said to his dad that his mom was just acting like that. Then he punched him in the face. He was 14 years old at that time.

Then the comedian fell into the wall after his dad punched him. Later, his dad grabbed him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Chris Distefano’s mom and dad [Photo: Instagram]

The comedian said sorry to him and explained that the woman feels like being punched in the face when men call them a [expletive].

Chris’ Mom’s Friend Went on a Date with an American Serial Killer

Chris’ mom’s friend, once in her teens, went to date a young Ted Bundy who later became an American serial killer.

His mom’s friend grew up in Utah and at first, Ted Bundy was a normal guy when she went on a date with him.

But when her mom sat at the table with him, she felt ominous looking at him.

Immediately, she went to the pay phone at a restaurant and instantly called her brother to pick her up from there.

She stayed in the bathroom till her brother came outside of the restaurant. Chris’ mom’s friend got in the car and left immediately.

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She was just creeped out at the time. Furthermore, Ted Bundy picked her up from her house. So, when the brother was leaving the house next morning, he some ruffling in the bushes.

He saw someone running from the bushes and when he informed his parents and siblings about a guy, wearing a beige jacket running from the bushes, the sister revealed it was the guy she was on a date with.

Three years later, his face came to the news, accused of murder. She said that she almost fell from the chair when she saw him on the news.