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Aaron Pedersen and His Partner Produced a Documentary for His Special Needs Brother

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Aaron Pedersen and his beautiful partner, Sarah Bond, have been the primary carers of his brother named, Vinnie. Vinnie is like Aaron’s kid and Sarah’s younger brother.

The couple never stopped looking after him. They even made a short documentary film for him.

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Aaron and His Partner Made a Short Documentary for His Brother

The Australian television actor immense love eventually made him document a short film for his special needs brother.

Aaron wrote and co-produced the devoted short documentary in 2006 named My Brother Vinnie, which talked about their inseparable bond.

The actor lived with his brother, who had intellectual disabilities, and he referred to Vinnie as his “second shadow.”

In an interview with SMH in 2015, he said that for the past 13 years, he and his partner, Sarah Bond, have been Vinnie’s primary carers.

The actor stated, “He’s still with me. I’m forever grateful. He’s still my journey. He’ll always be in my life. He’s a good passenger on this journey. He keeps it real. He makes me laugh.”

His brother always told people that he was more famous than Aaron.

Aaron played second fiddle to him all the time, but he liked that. “I take it that if the roles were reversed … he would have done what I’ve done,” he said.

Aaron Found Out About His Brother’s Special Needs When He Was Seven

Aaron was only seven years when he realized that his brother Vinnie, who has cerebral palsy, had special needs. They were in homes together, and it was a bit of a fractured moment.

He said that his brother always loved him more than anything else in the world. The brother stuck it out together through the harder times, making their bond stronger.

The actor said that his gorgeous partner, Sarah Bond, had been in their lives for over 13 years. Sarah was like Vinnie’s big sister and loved him as he did.

Aaron Pedersen was helping his brother to shave [Photo: Instagram]

“That’s all I ask,” he explained. He further stated that they came as a package. Aaron said that he would not consider having children of his own.

The actor conveyed he had to give his brother full attention for the rest of his life. Further, he stated that bringing kids into it would mean that his brother would get second priority.

As of 2009, Vinnie divided his time between home with Mum Frances and Pedersen’s mother-in-law, the home Pedersen shared with his partner, producer Sarah Bond.

“He comes and stays with us, he stays with Mum, we give her a break, he drives us nuts. It works well,” Aaron clarified.

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Unveiling Aaron Pedersen’s Untold Life Before Fame

Aaron is an actor and producer who was born on November 24, 1970. Mainly he is known for his appearance on Mystery Road and Goldstone.

The Australian actor grew up in Alice Springs along with director Warwick Thornton and the informal collective of indigenous filmmakers and storytellers who have emerged from the Northern Territory over the past 20 years.

Initially, he thought about becoming a social worker or PE teacher. Later his career changed the path when a career advisor suggested applying for a cadetship with ABC-TV in Melbourne.

Aaron Pedersen and his brother Vinnie [Photo: Youtube/Carers Australia]

As a result, he became a sports journalist and worked on the indigenous-themed series Black Out. Then he approached the casting director of a new drama called Heartland in the staff canteen.

Another Australian actor named Ernie Dingo got the lead role, and he landed a smaller one.

“I always say the table is always wobbly the first time, but out of that, I got into acting.”

Although Pedersen’s characters in Wildside and Water Rats didn’t initially identify as indigenous, he believed it was more crucial for fans to relate to his character’s feelings than race.

One of the facts that netizens would be surprised – he was previously married to Lisa Serma.