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Is the YouTuber C. J. Faison in a relationship again?

Binesh Shrestha


It is apparent that C. J. Faison is in a relationship again, going by his recent social media posts. The American entrepreneur often posts photos with his lady love. And under every post, there are fans discussing why Faison hasn’t revealed a lot about his girlfriend.

People who are up to date with his YouTube videos very well know that the former racer has said a lot of things about his current partner.

Had Good Words for His New Girlfriend

On Apr 6, 2023, Faison uploaded a video titled ‘SHOCKING DETAILS ABOUT CJ FAISON’S NEW GIRLFRIEND’ on his YouTube channel.

While being on the topic of girlfriends, one of his crew members stated that Faison seemed happy.

Even though he was a little bit skeptical in the beginning, Faison’s friend seemed genuinely happy for him, knowing how fast things escalated between the pair.

In the same video, Faison revealed a lot of details regarding his new girlfriend, which he previously hadn’t.

He mentioned that his lady love had brought structure to his life in a very short period of time.

Once, Faison was livid a night before an actual race in Las Vegas as he had a bad qualifying. Though there were plenty of people in the room at that time, nobody dared to say anything.

Unsurprisingly, his girlfriend came forward and talked him off the deep end when he was losing his cool.

One of the folks even called her the saving grace.

Another one of Faison’s friends said that his new woman was brutally honest. If she thought that her boyfriend wasn’t doing his best, then she would literally say it straight forward without sugarcoating.

C. J.’ Faisons girlfriend is brutally honest. [Source: Instagram]

The video’s description states that was the beginning of their relationship, and more details were yet to come in an upcoming podcast. However, since then, Faison hasn’t uploaded a new podcast besides his usual YouTube content.

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Questions Surrounding C. J. Faison’s New Love Interest

Faison first introduced his new partner to his social media followers on April 2022 and made it Instagram official. He uploaded a photo of the couple with the caption, “Happy and thankful.”

Right after that, there were flocks of people in the comment section wanting to know more about her. In addition, there were also a few heartbroken female fans who were expecting themself to be beside the racer.

C. J. Faison and his girlfriend. [Source: Instagram]

The frequency of the girlfriend’s appearance on his feed has noticeably gone down in recent times.

But in every post, Faison’s happiness is noticeable. Fans have even asked him to pop the question already and exchange wedding vows.

There have been no updates regarding their wedding so far. Questions regarding when and how they met have been common, but the entrepreneur has refrained from sharing many details.

It has not been confirmed, but many fans have called her Chelsea. The mystery woman is likely Chelsea Miller, not to be mistaken for the actress with the same name.

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What Went Wrong with His Ex-girlfriend?

Faison Faison was previously dating Rachel Burke, aka Rachel Lynn. The former couple didn’t hesitate to share their loving bond.

Though there were no confirmations about their breakups, seeing their absence from one another’s Instagram handle made their split clear.

In addition, just like Faison, his ex-partner has also moved on in her life. She is currently in a loving relationship with her new boyfriend Justin Smarte. She shares endearing posts alongside him, showing their fondness for each other.

As stated earlier, Faison hasn’t unveiled a lot about his current partner. However, his ex-lover is the owner of Residual Capital. It teaches people to create residual revenue for their very own payment business.

In conclusion, C. J. Faison is enjoying his blissful love life with his lovely girlfriend. And only time will tell if he decides to unveil more about her.