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From Crush To Husband – Jimmy Dore & His Wife Love Story

Dinesh Shrestha


Jimmy Dore and his wife Stef Zamorano initially met through comedy, where their love story began.

Interestingly, Dore was the crush of Zamorano and she used to get nervous when he was around her. Nonetheless, their relationship blossomed when he asked her out one night.

That was the magic moment for the couple as their romantic love story started to push forward.

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How Did Jimmy Meet His Wife Stef

The American comedian was doing stand-up, and his wife, Stef Zamorano, was doing sketch comedy. Jimmy’s wife worked at Acme in the groundlings, and she had a blast doing it.

The couple worked together multiple times, and both saw one another performing around the town. She was intimidated and had a crush on her future partner.

However, Zamorano never had the courage to talk to him for three years. The now married duo even had an acting class together and did a show together.

Jimmy Dore and his wife Stef Zamorano love spending time together [Photo: Twitter]

But she was nervous around him, so it took them three years to have a proper conversation.

Three years later, the pair met at House Of Blues, which has now been taken down, and he asked her out.

Then the couple’s romantic love began to increase over time gradually. Over the years, the duo’s love and admiration for one another grew and they decided to take next step in their relationship.

Jimmy Proposed to His Wife While He was Diagnosed With Rare Bone Disease

Sadly, the comedian was diagnosed with a rare bone disease in 2006. It was a really tough experience for the couple.

Once, Jimmy and Stef were walking their dog one night, and unexpectedly he proposed.

Jimmy Dore and his wife Stef Zamorano at The JIMMY DORE SHOW [Photo: Instagram]

Stef was happy at that moment, but simultaneously, she was sad to see the person she loved deeply was trying to live and survive.

The lovebirds eventually tied the knot. However, they have not revealed much about their wedding details yet.

Comedy Saved Stef Zamorano’s Husband’s Life

Even after being diagnosed, he was doing comedy on the road for a living. As a matter of fact, he was doing the Bob and Tom tour.

He could barely walk at the time. Jimmy’s wife said that he could have died and the comedy was actually saving him.

Jimmy recorded from the Bob and Tom tour. He took his camera upstairs and tipped a security guard to ensure the camera would record his 20-minute set.

He got that 20-minute set, and he sent it to Comedy Central. They were watching it from there and called his manager at the time within 10 minutes of starting to watch the video. They gave him a special show named Citizen Jimmy.

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Jimmy’s Life Prior To Limelight

The American comedian was born into a Catholic family of Polish and Irish descent on July 26, 1965, in southwest Chicago.

Jimmy grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood with eleven siblings and is the youngest among the seven boys.

Due to his large family, he grew habituated to playing to an audience early in life. At that time, Stef’s husband used comedy to avoid beatings from his older brothers.

The comedian’s father was a policeman and a brickwork business owner. According to Dore, his dad was a Reagan Democrat.

Jimmy Dore. (Photo: Instagram)

Jimmy had argued with his father against Ronald Reagan’s presidency during his senior year in high school.

He attended Catholic school for twelve years. Jimmy also went to Illinois State University but dropped out after three years.

Then he started to work as a forklift driver. He later graduated with a degree in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago.

Dore began performing stand-up comedy in 1989 in Chicago before he moved to Los Angeles in 1995.

Over the years, Jimmy has made a name for himself in the industry. His wife is proud of what he has been doing.