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Gretchen Wilson’s Daughter Made Her Head Back to School

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Gretchen Wilson’s then-seven-year-old daughter Grace Frances Penner made her want to go back to school in 2007.

Wilson had never regretted leaving school until she had a child. Then, she started to realize the importance of education versus how small the chances were of her dreams coming true.

The American singer further stated to ABC News that she would probably still be pouring drinks and wouldn’t be anywhere if she hadn’t got the record deal.

Wilson had dropped out of high school to start her career at a young age. Then, she began working as a bartender to make ends meet before she rocketed to fame with her breakout hit, Redneck Woman, in 2004.

Gretchen Frances Wilson with her daughter Grace Frances Penner [Photo: Twitter]

Wilson took the General Education Development test, which she completed in 2008. She wanted to secure her future without a hit record.

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Gretchen Wilson Hoped Fans Would Follow Suit

The country music singer hoped that her fans would follow her lead.

Because Wilson dropped out of college and started working, she wanted to influence some kids who quit at a young age.

The American singer wished to encourage those adults who had missed the chance to go back and complete their education. She told the outlet:

“I really hope that it inspires a lot of adults that missed that opportunity to find the time and go back and do it,” she said. “And it’s not as hard as you think it is. … Finding people who care and who want to help you pass that test is not as hard as you think.”

Wilson’s daughter was from her second husband after getting divorced from her first husband.

Gretchen Wilson Married and Divorced from Two-Person

Wilson was first married to former bandmate and guitarist Larry Rolen. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and they eventually separated.

The couple kept the reasons under wraps and never shared them publicly.

Later, she was in a relationship with Mike Penner, and the couple was blessed with a lovely daughter. The pair started to date back in 1996 and ultimately welcomed their first child, Grace, in November 2000.

Sadly, the relationship with Penner also reached a grim conclusion. Their nine years of romantic relationship ended in 2005, as per Naijanews. Later, in 2018, she was arrested at the airport for unethical behavior.

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Gretchen Arrested at Bradley International Airport

The country music star was arrested at Windsor Bradley International Airport for what authorities called a disturbance on an incoming flight.

She was traveling from Washington, DC, to Connecticut on August 21, 2018. Gretchen was arrested and charged with 2nd-degree breach of peace.

As per TMZ, she was flying in first class, where there was only one bathroom on the flight.

The actress waited outside the bathroom, exchanged words with the person inside, and knocked on the door but eventually got into a shoving match.

After the incident, police were waiting for her at the airport because she continued the bathroom beef on the roughly 80-minute flight.

Gretchen Wilson [Photo: Facebook]

Surprisingly, this wasn’t her first case of being accused of disturbing a commercial flight. In October 2007, she was issued an in-flight citation while traveling from Nashville to Los Angeles.

Gretchen Wilson’s Daughter Graduated in 2022

Gretchen Wilson’s daughter, Grace Frances Penner, completed her higher education in December last year. She received her Bachelor of Science in Motion Pictures and a minor in Theatre and Drama degree from Belmont University.

The country star’s 22-year-old daughter shared a photo of her graduation in an Instagram post and captioned it, “that’s a wrap on college.”

Wilson’s daughter, wearing glasses and a graduation cap, looked stunning in the black graduation dress. Many people congratulated her in the comment section as well.

Gretchen Wilson’s daughter, Grace Frances Penner, completed her higher education [Photo: Instagram]

The American singer adores her daughter and draws inspiration from the youngster. After all, it was Grace who inspired her mother to get a college degree.

Grace Is a Film Production Manager

It is clearly mentioned in Grace’s Instagram bio that she is a Film Production Manager. Alongside that, she is also an editor, photographer, and videographer based out of Nashville.

Gretchen’s daughter loves to picture significant moments for people to cherish forever. She loves taking photos of people laughing, dancing, and having fun like nobody’s watching them. Alongside working on film sets, she has also had experience with multiple events, including live music and weddings.

Grace has also worked as a DP/Editor at Jessie G “Timeless,” Assistant Editor at Buffoon, DP/Editor at Actors Bridge Ensemble, and Editor at Only Actors.

Furthermore, she is also in a relationship. Grace has been dating her boyfriend, Taite M., a semi-professional jenga player from Nashville, for quite some time now. The adorable couple share a loving bond.

The photographer is also into Harry Potter and adores her dog, Zelda Jane.