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Samantha McClymont Tied the Knot: Meet Her Charming Husband

Himal Ale Magar


Australian singer-songwriter Samantha McClymont is married to airforce pilot Ben Poxon. The award-winning artist tied the knot with her husband in 2014.

The couple shared their love and affection with their friends and family in a stunning wedding. It was organized and held in the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania.

Samantha McClymont with Husband Ben Poxon [Photo: Instagram]

In an interview with New Idea Magazine, Samantha said, “Ben’s originally from Tassie, and when we saw MONA, it sealed the deal. It’s not a traditional wedding venue, which is what we love,”

Likewise, Ben also shared his wedding experience: “She took my breath away, I kept looking at her and just couldn’t believe that she’d marry me.”

From Music to Matrimony: Who is Samantha’s Husband?

Samantha McClymont was touring Iraq with her sisters Mollie and Brooke in 2006. During the life-changing experience, Samantha got more than what she bargained for.

The Australian singer met her husband while performing with her band, The McClymonts, over the Christmas holidays. During her 20-day tour, Samantha made a special bond with Wind Commander Ben Pexon.

“We actually didn’t meet up until about eight months later, and then once we did, it was kind of like – that was it!” said Samantha in an interview with the DailyMail. “I was down in Sydney, and he took me on a date, and we were pretty much inseparable after that.”

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Samantha And Her Husband Welcomed A Baby Joy

The couple had been living in the US for three years when they decided it was time for parenthood.

Shortly after they arrived in Australia, Samantha revealed that she was pregnant in the music video for The McClymont’s ‘Don’t Wish It All Away.’

Samantha gave birth to her son Wilder Hercules Poxon in August 2017. She explained that the meaning being her son’s middle name was important.

Samantha McClymont and Her Husband Ben Poxon With Wilder and Ari [Photo: Instagram]

“Wilder’s middle name is Hercules – the aircraft Ben flew and which we met on 11 years ago,” said Samantha to Woman’s Day.

The joy for the couple didn’t end there as they welcomed their second son Ari Bill in February 2019. Samantha shared the good news with her fans by posting a photo on her Instagram.

A star is born in the Countryside!

The award-winning musician was born in 1986 in Grafton, New South Wales. Born to father Peter McClymont and mother Toni McClymont, Samantha grew up with her two sisters.

She completed high school in 2003 and started pursuing her music career. Samantha, along with her sister Brooke and Mollie, started traveling and performing in country shows and talent quests.

Samantha was a talented young kid; she was crowned as Jacaranda Queen in the town of Grafton in 2004. Additionally, in 2005 Samantha won the Star Maker quest at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

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The McClymonts: An Inspiring Journey

Samantha McClymont has been performing with her two sisters as The McClymonts since 2006. The band has recorded four albums and an EP.

The McClymonts’ first and second albums, Chaos and Bright Lights and Wrapped Up Good, are certified gold records in Australia.

Since their musical breakthrough, the McClymonts sisters have propelled their vocal and musical expressions into uncharted territory.

Besides, Samantha was able to create distinctive modern country music while maintaining a family/career balance.

According to the sisters: “The more chaotic our personal lives have become – the more we have had to trust each other creatively and make every moment in the songwriting and recording process count.”