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Matt Iseman’s Jokes About His Love Life Have Created Confusion

Suyasha Rupakheti


Fans often wonder if Matt Iseman has a wife or girlfriend. He’s made almost a habit of making jokes about his girlfriend and singlehood at the same time. Understandably, his love life has become a bit confusing.

Adding to that confusion, Matt also wears a ring on his right hand, which is a symbol of loyalty, trust, and honor. But since it is unclear if he is married, what could be the reason behind him wearing the ring?

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Matt’s Parents Were Married For Over 5 Decades, But He Isn’t

Matt Iseman’s sense of humor is great, and many love his comedic nature. He makes fun of his single life, especially on Twitter. However, many of his tweets have since been removed.

Matt Iseman makes fun of his unmarried state. (Photo: Instagram)

In one of the now-deleted tweets from August 2013, Matt said, “Flying home for my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. If I [want to] make that milestone, I’d better start taking my vitamins. And get married.”

Matt’s parents, Mike Iseman and Joan Iseman (nee Christensen), were married for 59 years, almost six decades, until his dad’s death in November, 2022.

On the other hand, Matt has shown no sign of settling down and having a wife anytime soon. So, no wonder why he talked about taking his vitamins to make such kind of milestone.

He Mentioned His Girlfriend In Some Tweets

Besides the jokes about his unmarried state, Matt used to mention his girlfriend in some of his tweets till at least late 2016.

Matt Iseman has mentioned having a girlfriend. (Photo: Instagram)

In September 2016, the comedian tweeted about his girlfriend being allergic to peanuts and gluten. However, just like his other tweets, this one has also been removed.

Then, in October 2016, Matt tweeted, “Thanks to  @ChrissyMetz of @NBCThisisUs & @jrfergjr of @TheRealONeals for being good sports when my girlfriend surprised me. And I cried.”

However, it is not sure if the girlfriend mentioned in his tweets is real. Nevertheless, even if she is real, it is not revealed when they started dating and if they are still together.

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Wears a Ring on His Right Hand

Matt is not married, but he usually wears a ring on his right ring finger. Although it is not the finger typically linked to matrimony, it has gotten netizens talking.

Matt might be wearing a ring due to his battle with rheumatoid arthritis. He has had a long battle with the disease that started in his right index finger. He had symptoms for 18 months until he was diagnosed in Christmas of 2002.

Talking to NIH MedlinePlus Magazine, the comedian recalled his experience at first. He had just turned 30, and the symptoms that started with pain in his right index finger later spread to his back, feet, and neck.

He was always exhausted, and he used to sleep up to 14 hours a day.

Matt, who had been an athlete all his life, couldn’t work at all and gained 55 pounds. He started treatment with a biological medicine that helped to reduce inflammation.

Since it started on his right index finger, Matt might be wearing the ring because, in one study, he discovered there might be less articular erosion in a finger wearing a gold ring.

Matt Iseman was Rumored to Be Gay

Celebrities being a subject of a rumor is not uncommon, and Matt Iseman also became one of those subjects.

There have been rumors floating around of the comedian being gay. While it is not sure what started the rumor, some documented instances might have given them wind.

In one instance, Queer Eye star and fashion designer Carson Kressley tweeted a picture with Matt. In the photo, the latter carries Carson, and he captioned it, “@mattiseman and I leave on a gay cruise in the am! #congratulations.”

This tweet caused the rumor to circulate. Matt has also made an appearance on RuPaul’s Celebrity Drag Race and has participated in one of the most amazing lip-sync battles.

These appearances gave wind to these rumors of Matt being gay. But since he has neither confirmed his sexual orientation nor denied the rumors, it might be pure speculation.

Moreover, according to his website, he appears to be unmarried and single. Either he prefers to keep his personal life to himself, or he might be focusing on his career.

So, fans might have to wait a little longer to discover Matt’s wife and relationship details.