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Sal Licata and His Wife Are Blessed with a Daughter

Himal Ale Magar


The sports anchor for SNY, Sal Licata, is a married man and has a beautiful daughter with his wife.

Further, he also has a good relationship with his in-laws as he celebrates occasions like Christmas with them.

Sal’s Wife Delivered a Baby via C-Section

In November 2020, Licata shared the news of their pregnancy via a Thanksgiving post. He tweeted a photo of the couple wearing matching t-shirts. His t-shirt said he had put a turkey in that oven, denoting to his partner, and her t-shirt read, ‘There is a turkey in this oven.’

Then five months later, he posted another picture in April 2021. This time, the sports anchor announced the arrival of their daughter Samira.

Sal Licata’s Wife With Their Daughter [Photo: Twitter]

Also, he mentioned the delivery was made through the emergency C-section and stated that his wife was his hero.

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She Lives a Private Lifestyle

Despite being married to one of the prominent figures in the sports reporting scene, Licata’s partner has preferred to keep her personal life away from the limelight.

Sal Licata’s Wife [Photo: Twitter]

According to Licata, his wife is not active on social media platforms. Furthermore, there is no Twitter or Skip Bayless in her world, and he loves her for that.

Besides, apart from her personal life, her identity, including her name, has not been revealed as well, as of this writing.

Sal’s Better Half Is Also Passionate about Sports

Regardless of her private lifestyle, Licata’s spouse’s passion for sports can be clearly seen through his posts.

He knew she was the right choice when she got her face painted when they had flown down to Atlanta for the Divisional Round.

Alongside that, she has also accompanied her husband to many games. The lovebirds were together for Game 4, supporting the Knicks in April 2023.

Well, Licata also appreciates his significant other’s contribution to their relationship. For instance, he had done a Happy Wife Weekend Plan in March. For that, he had listed four things in his to-do list. He ticked out two things as he bought her movie tickets and some beautiful roses.

In addition, dropping the baby at the grandmother’s house and spending alone time were the latter parts.

Sal Licata Loves WFAN More than His Wife?

SNY’s Licata shifted to WFAN’s day programming after the changes that stemmed from Craig Carton’s departure. He expressed his happiness regarding his shift to the big league.

Further, the sports anchor expressed that WFAN was his first love, and the shift was the greatest thing in his life, including getting married and having a baby.

Licata further added he loved his wife, whom he met in 2015, but his love and passion for WFAN went back to the 90s.

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Sal Licata Took Tiki Barber’s WFAN Slot

After Tiki Barber moved to afternoons, Liacta replaced Barber as Bradon Tierney’s partner from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during weekdays.

Licata, who is 43 years old, had been doing overnights before his shift in the midday. Besides, he will continue his SNY nightly work and his position on Jimmy Traina’s Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.

The shift started after Craig Carton left WFAN to devote himself to the FS1 morning show. It was reported that Jerry Ferrara was considered to replace Carton at Fox Sports.

However, it was decided that Barber would replace Caton. This led to his role being handed over to Locata, who could start his WFAN duties earlier in the day.