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Frankie Celenza’s Revelation of Wife Took Everyone by Surprise

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Frankie Celenza, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning chef, has revealed that he is married. The social media personality shared the news along with a picture of his wife.

This has caused his fans to be curious regarding his love life, as some of them had no idea the chef was in a relationship.

Got Secretly Married

After Frankie unveiled his spouse on his Instagram account, many of his fans could not believe the cook was married all this time.

In an appreciation post dedicated to his wife, Heather Sockol, the TV personality shared that if his partner kept smiling, so would he. The chef further added that the couple needed nothing more than good food and never-ending laughs to be happy.

Talking about his marital life, Frankie has yet to share details regarding his marriage. As of this writing, nothing is known about the occasion and remains secretive.

However, the social media personality was never hesitant to reveal his partner throughout these years. The couple also attended numerous events and gatherings together.

In March 2014, the two attended a cocktail party for Emmy nominees. In addition, his wife had also accompanied him while he judged food vendors at the Long Beach Intl. Film Festival in August 2017.

Frankie Celenza And His Wife, along with their friends. [Photo: Instagram]

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Is Together with His Wife for More than a Decade

Although some of his followers might now know, Frankie has been committed to his partner for a long period of time. However, despite the long-term relationship, he has not been vocal about his better half except on a few occasions.

For instance, the TV personality shared that it was his five-year anniversary with his lovely girl in an Instagram post uploaded in September 2016. He noted it marked five years of eating rice crispy treats and vaping with his then-girlfriend.

Frankie Celenza Married His Girlfriend [Photo: Instagram]

Initially, Frankie revealed his now-wife for the first time in May 2013. In the Instagram post, Heather could be seen enjoying a meal her partner made for her. The TV personality, along with his significant other, also had a fantastic date at Le Coq Rico in August 2013.

The couple loves each other’s company and spends a lot of time together. Heather has been featured numerous times on the chef’s social media accounts.

His Wife Previously Worked as a Sales Artist

Based in New York, United States, Frankie’s wife started her career as a Sales Artist at Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown. She worked there for four years and one month starting from June 2010 to June 2014.

After her stint at Estee Lauder, Heather Sockol started working as Director at Cushman & Wakefield in October 2014.

The TV Personality’s Wife, Heather Sockol [Photo: Instagram]

She has been working there for 9 years now. The chef’s partner completed her studies at New York University and Horace Mann High School.

She has a degree in Arts, Art History, and Journalism. She was also actively engaged at the Dean Circile and Head of Community Service.

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Some of Frankie’s Family Members Are Musicians

Although the delicious food maker is discrete regarding his family background, over the years, he has expressed his gratitude for his parents.

Well, he wished his mom on Mother’s Day in 2020 and looked forward to riding on the Vespa together again. Similarly, the chef penned his love for his dad on Father’s Day in June 2017 as well.

The Chef Was Born To A Loving Family [Photo: Instagram]

Frankie comes from an Italian-American family who is closely connected with the music industry. His dad played drums, and his brother, Luke Cleneza, works as a music composer.

Before he embarked on his journey in the kitchen, he studied at the Tisch School of Arts and crossed paths with Lady Gaga several times.

The singer even opened for Frankie’s band during his time at the music school.