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Exploring PGF Nuk’s Real Name & Inspiration Behind His Stage Name

Dinesh Shrestha


PGF Nuk is an aspiring rapper from Chicago. He started his music career a couple of years ago, and one of his breakthrough songs is ‘HennDusse.’ He went viral on Facebook after rapping that song.

He continued to show his amazing talent to the world and released multiple songs over the years. Through his song, ‘Glock with a Switch’ and ‘Waddup,’ he garnered netizens’ attention and got millions of views on his YouTube channel.

PGF Nuk’s Real Name Starts with the Letter “V”

The 22-year-old Chicago rapper has caught the public eye through his music. But he still left the netizens in the dark regarding his actual name.

PGF Nuk has refused to reveal it. However, during an interview with DJBOOTH, he at least said that it started with the letter “V.” Apart from that, it’s still a mystery.

He clarified in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes in 2022 that he preferred to use a stage name over his real denomination. Furthermore, he added that if there are two terms for real name and stage name, then why put the real name as your moniker?

The rapper started his music career in his teenage years, and since then, he has used his stage name over the actual. Albeit, according to Sportskeeda, his birth name is Antwon Fields. However, there are also multiple sites suggesting his real name might be Javarri Walker.

But how did he set his stage name?

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Meaning of PGF and His Inspiration for the Name

The rapper’s stage name is eventually derived from his friend’s called Psycho. Sadly, he passed away in 2017, and then their gang got the name “Psycho Gang Family,” and he used its initials for the first part of his stage name.

Well, the second part of his stage name actually came from his mother. PGF Nuk’s mom gave him the nickname Nuk, and he just stuck with it.

Well, the rapper would always be quiet once his mother gave him a Nuk brand pacifier as a baby.

Furthermore, people often mispronounced and misspelled his stage name.

PGF Nuk’s was often mispronounced or misspelled. [Photo: YouTube/DJ Smallz Eyes]

He also has no intention of incorporating his real name and stage name, despite the fact that many others do.

PGF Nuk Was Raised by a Single Mother

The American rapper was raised by his single mother because his dad was locked up in federal prison when he was 12. He never got a chance to grow up in a two-parent household.

His dad spent eight years in jail, so he took care of his family. Even though he didn’t get an opportunity to grow up with his father, he has a good relationship and respect for him.

The rapper’s dad got out of jail. In his own words, PGF was happy his daddy wasn’t around, as he had a second parent telling him to come home. Plus, he was able to do what he wanted to do.

PGF’s mom and dad never officially got married, and they split up when he was young. But his mom later married his stepdad. In addition, PGF’s mother has eight children, including him, from five different baby daddies. One of his little brothers was born when he was four years old.

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Initial Phase of PGF Nuk’s Career

PGF Nuk was born in 2001 in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. He has always felt fated to be a breadwinner. When he was 15, he earned $600 daily by selling candy.

Furthermore, the rapper’s mom always thought he would be a provider. Nuk put his heart and soul into whatever he did.

PGF Nuk [Photo: YouTube/Cam Capone News]

But when he was persuaded to start rapping by a close friend, something clicked, passion entered the picture, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Then he entered the music industry with his stage name. Slowly his songs started getting recognition.