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Jena Friedman Welcomed a Baby with Her Partner

Binesh Shrestha


The world came to know about Jena Friedman’s pregnancy when she released the trailer of her special Ladykiller in September 2022. Then just some months later, she gave birth to a baby with her partner Josh Epstein.

The comedian, at times, features her kid and beau on her social media handles.

Welcomed Her Son in Late 2022

Jena and her boyfriend Josh’s happiness knew no boundaries after the arrival of their son in the later months of 2022.

She is yet to reveal her little boy’s name. However, as per Jena, her son thinks his name is Ringo. While checking if the kid would answer to his own name, Jena and Josh threw in some Beatles names as a decoy, and he only responded to Ringo.

Like many comedians out there, her family is also the subject matter of comedy for her. She once used her son to promote her book Not Funny. The baby could be seen wearing glasses and trying to devour the pages of the book.

Furthermore, he also participated in the Writers Guild of America strike with his mother. During his first visit, he held a protest card stating, “MY DIAPER IS LESS FULL OF SHIT THAN THE AMPTP.” And on his next visit, he held a card humorously stating, “I GUESS I’M GONNA BE AN ONLY CHILD NOW.”

For people wondering how can a little kid like him hold such heavy cards, well, Jena fully supported him.

All in all, Jena is raising her son well. The family of three celebrated their first Halloween together after some time of his arrival. Looking at their picture, Jena was a cheese, her partner looked like a pea, whereas the little one seemed to have been an insect.

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Is Her Baby Daddy Her Husband?

As stated above, Jena shares her child with her partner Josh. There is no news of the pair’s wedding, but she sometimes refers to him as her husband. Similarly, Josh has also referred to Jena as his wife in some of his tweets.

Even if they are married or not, it won’t change the fact they share a lovely mini-version of themselves and are in love with one another.

Jena Friedman with her partner and baby. [Source: Instagram]

While appearing in Couples Therapy podcast, the pair revealed that they met on a dating app. Josh is a comedy nerd, and Jena had a profile picture of one of her performances where she was sitting on a stool.

After a while, the pair had a trip to Mexico, where they fell in love. The adorable duo gets along very well as they admire one another’s work. They have also collaborated on the four-episode online series, The Joy of Quarantine, with their Chihuahua, Potato.

One thing that Josh likes about a comedian is that they can go on stage and say anything.

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Jena’s Partner Is Also in the Entertainment Industry

Similar to the comedian, her handsome better half is also engaged in the entertainment industry. Josh is a well-known musician specializing in being a vocalist and guitarist.

Previously, Josh had formed a band, The Silent Years. It consisted of Pat Michalak on the bass, Jonathan Edwards on guitar, Jeremy Edwards on drums, and Rosalind Christian on keyboards. ‘No Secrets,’ ‘Someday,’ and ‘Someone to Keep Us Warm’ are some of the band’s top songs.

Jena’s beau Josh Epstein is a musician. [Source: Instagram]

Then in 2009, he formed yet another musical group (Dale Earnhardt) JR JR with Daniel Zott. They released their debut EP, Horse Power, on Quite Scientific in 2010 and quickly followed it with their next EP, My Love Is Easy: Remixes, Pt. 1.

In the end, Jena is enjoying a blissful life with her significant other and child. Even though she had said she didn’t want to be a mother, she is fulfilling her duties expertly.