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Olivia Pierson’s Boyfriend Called Their Relationship Fake

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Pierson posted a photo of her where she was with her boyfriend in bed on her social feed. In the post, she mentioned the name of Cameroonian basketball player Joel Embiid.

The player, her then-boyfriend, later posted the same picture on Snapchat and called it “#Fake News.”

The story of the “#Fake news” stirred the internet world for quite some time.

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Fake News Stated For the British Native Olivia Pierson

Based on Philadelphia Inquirer, Pierson had her Instagram buzzing in February 2017. She posted an intimate photo on the 15th of Valentine’s month, February. She mentioned her then-boyfriend, the Cameroonian basketball player Joel Embiid.

Olivia Pierson’s relationship was named fake news by her boyfriend Joel Embiid [Photo: Instagram]

The photo had Pierson and the shirtless player in bed. The British native captioned that he was the most loyal person, which was priceless for her, and thanked her boyfriend.

The reply from Embiid didn’t quite tell the same story. Posting the same photo on his Snapchat, he labeled it #Fake News.

Joel posted Fake news about his relationship with Olivia [Photo: YouTube/The Fumble]

The social media personality Pierson got so much hate and backlash from the post that it was unbearable. She removed the photo with her “boyfriend” from her social feed.

Olivia Pierson Paired With Another Athletic Boyfriend

Tvguidetime alleged the Tiktok star dated an NFL player Marcedes Lewis in 2016.

Marcedes Lewis and Olivia Pierson [Photo: Instagram]

Based on the reports of Eonline, Marcedes Lewis probably had an innocent flirt with WAGS actress Olivia’s co-actor Tia Shipman.

Furthermore, Lewis also had some suspicious intimate photos with Olivia’s sister Sophia Pierson.

Later, at a party in La Nuit Black Carpet party at Sofitel Hotel, when Olivia thought Lewis was training for his football match with his teammates back in Jacksonville, Fla, one of her friends spotted the football player across the room.

Pierson was confused to see Lewis in the same event.

It dawned on her that he was in the same city and did not pick up her phone or even send her a message, even though he was attached to his phone all the time.

When Pierson went up and confronted him, Lewis’ face proved that he did not know that Pierson would also be at the party.

She dragged him outside the party for a private talk. No excuses from Lewis made any sense, and Pierson called their relationship off.

Although Pierson does not have a boyfriend, there is a rumor going around that the social media influencer is a mother.

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The Rumors of Olivia Pierson Being a Baby Mama

One quick look at Pierson’s socials, and you’d catch a glimpse of a beautiful toddler. While she has done nothing to catalyze the rumor, the unsuspecting netizen could make an inaccurate assumption that Pierson is a baby mama.

On March 29, 2023, she took to Instagram to proudly share that her “beauts is 3” with a slideshow of pictures of herself, her mates, and the adorable toddler. However, the little girl is not hers.

Back in 2019, Pierson teamed up with Natalie Halcro for their reality TV show, Relatively Nat & Liv. The show focused on the two divas’ lives in Vancouver and LA.

Halcro, a model since her childhood, who endorsed brands like Nissan and Mazda, had become a household name and was also featured in the TV show WAGS like her cousin Olivia. And, she is the mother to the three-year-old.

Olivia Pierson with Natalie Halcro and her newborn baby [Photo: Instagram]

Pierson, the aunt, evidently loves the little bundle of joy as her own daughter, and it’s understandable how one might confuse her for the baby mama.