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From Bricks to Bliss: Ryan McNaught and Wife Tracy Britten Built a Love Story on Tinder

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Ryan McNaught, aka The Brickman, is happily married to his wife, Tracy Britten. The couple dated each other for several years before sharing their wedding vows.

The couple met through Tinder in 2017 after separating from their partners. However, some online tabloids have said the pair began dating in 2016.

Nevertheless, after dating for several years, Ryan decided to take the next step in their relationship.

So, he proposed to Tracy while they were on holiday in Las Vegas in June 2022.

Ryan’s wife added, “We knew that once we shared the news we were engaged, their first question would be ‘when’ followed by ‘where’ we would marry, Canada or Australia?”

The couple knew it could make life complicated for everyone if they had to travel. So, they decided to marry right then and there.

Ryan McNaught And Wife Tracy Britten [Photo: Instagram]

Two days later, the popular TV co-host and Tracy pledged their commitment and love for one another. The couple shared the vows before an Elvis impersonator, wearing whatever was in their suitcases.

Tracy told Now To Love, “It was so much fun, just perfect. We had a great time.”

Ryan McNaught Found Love Again

A year after his divorce from his ex-wife Melinda, Ryan’s friends encouraged him to try a dating app, Tinder. At the same time, Tracy was also on the app after a divorce.

Talking to NowToLove, McNaught revealed that putting himself out there romantically was hard, but Tracy made it very easy.

Due to their conflicting work and business schedules and never being in the same city, the duo could not meet instantly. The couple waited for the perfect moment to have their first face-to-face date, and it was worth it.

Tracy, who works in HR for an international company, said, “We were never in the same city, let alone the same country, so it took us a long time to meet. When we did, it just clicked.”

Regardless of the initial anxiety of meeting through an online dating app, their relationship blossomed. However, both of them were not in a rush to remarry.

Ryan explained that building a bond and understanding was important for both of them as he admired Tracy’s influence in his life.

Ryan McNaught and His Ex-Wife Melinda Parted Ways

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Ryan met his ex-wife Melinda at Catholic College Bendigo. The two did not start to date until 1996.

Ryan explained that he was attracted to Melinda’s sense of humor and intelligence. The two later married in 2000, and after eight years of marriage, Melinda gave birth to twins Riley and Alexander.

As Ryan’s career in building LEGO was booming, his 16 years of marital life with Melinda ended. The ex-spouse decided to divorce in 2016.

Ryan stated that there wasn’t a “cataclysmic” event that triggered their separation, just the former couple grew apart and realized they had different interests in life.

Even though their marital life ended, Ryan admitted that his boys could not have asked for a better mother.

Furthermore, Ryan’s boys are his toughest critics. He revealed that it was no big deal for them to see him on TV. They laugh at things he says.

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The Early Life of the LEGO Maestro

Born in 1973, Ryan McNaught grew up initially in Bendigo and then moved to Shepparton, Victoria. He got his first LEGO set from his grandma when he was three.

So, the professional LEGO builder started his affinity for LEGO at an early age. At age five, Ryan won a Master Builders Certificate in the Myer LEGO National Building Competition.

Ryan McNaught, The LEGO Maestro [Photo: Instagram]

Ryan’s father, Barry McNaught, and mother, Lyn McNaught, ran a travel agency in Bendigo. They divorced when he was eight years old. He then lived with his mother, who ran a travel business and took him worldwide with her.

Ryan admires his mother as an inspirational figure. His mother believed in him and encouraged him to do what he wanted when Ryan gave up his career in IT in 2012 and pursued his passion for LEGO.

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Ryan McNaught, the Architect of Lego Dreams!

The former Chief Information Officer, Ryan McNaught, employs a team of passionate craftspeople. These staff and builders build some of the world’s most challenging and detailed LEGO constructions.

He built a remote-controlled model of the Qantas Airbus A380, which featured LEGO Mindstorms technology. It was then exhibited at Brickworld in Chicago. As a result, he was offered to become a LEGO Certified Professional by a representative from LEGO.

Ryan enjoys his marital bliss and his career as a LEGO Certified Professional. He is one of only 21 people in the world with the prestigious honor.

Ryan has not looked back in his career. Hopefully, he continues to achieve more success in his field.