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Nick DiGiovanni Has Been with His Girlfriend for Some Time Now: Any Marriage Plans?

Himal Ale Magar


Celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni is one of the prominent figures in the culinary world. He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for a couple of years now.

They often post about one another and express their love. Their love and admiration for one another are visible in their posts.

Nick And Isabelle’s Dynamic Chemistry

When Nick posted a picture of Isabelle Tashima back in February 2020 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, his fans and followers wondered if she was her girlfriend. Similarly, Isabelle’s friends had the same question when she shared a picture of her and Nick in June 2019.

Nonetheless, it was confirmed the two were dating as they made numerous appearances together and went on vacations.

Nick And His Girlfriend Isabelle Tashima [Photo: YouTube]

However, despite the curiosity of their fans and followers, the two have not made any comment regarding their plans to get married as of this writing.

Well, Nick once revealed his thoughts about getting married.

Regardless, the bond between the couple has only gotten stronger after all these years. They have demonstrated their love and affection for each other in several social media posts.

Besides, their dynamic chemistry was also evident when the two recently collaborated for a cook-off on Nick’s YouTube channel.

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Nick’s Girlfriend Is A Volleyball Player

Nick and his girlfriend Isabelle Tashima both graduated from Harvard University. So, the couple might have met each other during their college days.

Further, Isabelle was a member of the women’s volleyball team at Harvard. She started as a freshman in 2016 and appeared in 11 matches in 2017. Moreover, she only played two matches in her junior year in 2018.

Besides, before joining Harvard, she was named the Suburban League Player of the Year in 2015. Additionally, Isabelle was selected for the AVCA Volleyball Phenom list in 2014.

Nick’s Girlfriend Isabelle Tashima [Photo: Twitter]

Nick DiGiovanni and his girlfriend Isabelle Tashima have been in a relationship for over four years.

The chef had shared their third-year anniversary post on his Instagram account. The post featured a picture of him and Isabelle with the caption, “3 years.” The gesture was well received by his fans and followers as they showered the lovebirds with wishes and congratulations.

Besides, one of the followers humorously responded to his post by commenting, “You have a gf stay away or we will unsubscribe.”

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Nick’s Grandmother Was His Inspiration

At the young of 23, Isabelle’s boyfriend Nick aspired to become the youngest champion in the history of MasterChef. He was able to reach the MasterChef season 10 finale but came in third due to an undercooked bass.

However, it did not stop him from being one of the influential celebrity chefs and international personalities of the culinary scene. Nick has over 2 million followers on Instagram and 11.4 million followers on TikTok as of this writing.

Regarding his passion, the celebrity chef started cooking when he was eight years old. He learned to prepare foods and bake so he could satisfy his sweet tooth, which most kids his age were satisfied with candy bars.

Further, according to Nick himself, the chef stated that he felt inspired when he was in the kitchen with his grandmother. Eventually, he began working in a restaurant when he was in high school.

Later, he interned at Benu, which is a three-star Michelin restaurant based in San Francisco. Moreover, Nick decided to join the culinary school at Harvard, developing his own ideology of “Food & Climate.”

In the end, fans must wait for some time to eventually see Isabelle becoming Nick’s wife in the near possible future.