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Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Parents Wanted Her To Pursue Martial Art

Himal Ale Magar


The stars had aligned for Aussie actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo as she made her career shift to Hollywood. However, Natasha shared that her parents wanted her to pursue either dance or martial arts initially.

Further, the Aussie had never dreamed of a career in the entertainment industry, but she was Disney’s choice for Mulan. She further expressed that her parents could not fathom the life that she led.

Natasha’s Parents Wanted Her to Have Classes in Martial Arts

Liu, 29, was born to a Chinese mother and an Italian father in Sydney. Natasha grew up in what she described as a super shabby little brick house, which was owned by her family for two generations. It was located next to Sydeny’s Copgee Beach.

In an interview with Vogue, the actress revealed that when she was 9 or 10, her folks told her she’d either have to start dance or martial arts. So, she chose martial arts, and that was when she got first interested in it.

She further added, “Through my teenage years it really became an outlet for me to let out any frustration. I think it transfers into your life as well: You just become more disciplined and more focused.”

Natasha’s Mother [Photo: Instagram]

Additionally, the actress revealed that she was accustomed to open spaces that had a faint smell of salt lingering in the air. Natasha revealed in an interview with InStyle Australia, “We’ve always been close to the beach and it’s just a really lucky little area to live.”

The actress shared she had to make adjustments when she moved to Los Angeles. Natasha was living on Airbnb and had a lease in West Hollywood at the time.

Regarding the process of adjusting her lifestyle in LA, Natasha said she would get off at Silver Lake Boulevard every day while coming off the freeway from work, which the actress had described as her safe green nest.

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Grew Up with Interracial Parents

The Aussie actress described herself as of mixed Eurasian descent. She further shared that her parents were very conservative people.

Regarding their occupation, the actress revealed that her mother worked as a doctor at a nursing home, and her father drove a library bus for the local community.

Besides, Natasha expressed she was always a tomboy growing up and started martial arts when she was around 9 or 10 years of age.

The actress described it helped her become more focused and disciplined. Regarding her upbringing, Natasha shared that she gravitated toward her dad.

The actress said, “As a child growing up in Australia, I just gravitated towards my white parent, my dad, because he was the one that was “correct,” in terms of culturally what made sense and how I was trying to fit in.”

Moreover, the actress revealed she gained more empathy from her mother as she started learning Mandarin. It helped her understand what she went through, which helped her become closer to her.

She spoke about the shift in her relationship with her mother on The Open Up Podcast. Natasha expressed, “It’s really a shame that so many people don’t ever meet their parents properly.”

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On-Screen Romance | Is The Actress Currently Dating?

The Aussie actress grasped the attention of her fans through her performance in the dystopian drama The Society.

The show centered around a group of teenagers who returned to a deserted town after a major storm with no adults after a camping trip.

In the series, Natasha played the church-loving Helena, who is the girlfriend to Luke, played by Alex MacNicoll.

Besides, the actress also liked to spend time with her co-stars, including Jacques Colimon, Kathryn Newton, and Alex went on a road trip.

The group spent two days touring New England, where they learned falconry and survival techniques that were essential skills for the cast of The Society.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo [Photo: Instagram]

However, the actress does not seem to have any off-screen romance with any of the cast members of the show.

On the other hand, despite keeping a tight lid on her love life, the actress shared that her favorite go-to breakup songs were from an album called Songs To Break Up To by Taku.

Besides, regarding her experience in the show, she said it was a huge ensemble, and everyone was so talented.

She further added that everyone had their storyline, and all of them were important. Natasha expressed that it was a great experience to hold her co-star’s hands throughout the show.