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Danny Kilpatrick Has Two Children | Who Is His Wife?

Himal Ale Magar


Danny Kilpatrick’s longtime partner, actress Kyla Pratt, paid tribute to him on Father’s Day, but is the actress his wife?

The Doctor Dolittle star expressed her adoration for Danny as she shared pictures of their children on Instagram.

Danny Kilpatrick [Photo: Youtube]

The post was captioned, “It’s hard to put into words how much i appreciate everything you are. Thank you for my babies. And thank you for being a REALDaddy #Youdabest 🤪 #HappyFathersDay @iamcompton 🥰🥰🥰”

Kyla Pratt| Is The Actress Danny’s Wife?

The couple has been together for 15 years. After dating each other for some years, the two got engaged in the year 2011. However, despite having two children together, the power couple has not tied the knot yet.

As per reports from Madamenoire, when asked about her thoughts on being a wife to Danny, Kyla said they were in no rush to get married anytime soon.

Danny Kilpatrick’s Partner Kyla [Photo: Instagram]

She further added, “We’re going to get married when we feel like it. There’s a lot of pressure that people put on marriage. Why not work on your relationship before jumping into all that pressure? I don’t want to get married to get divorce…I want to have a great marriage. So, right now we’re good. We’re good where we are.”

Now that their thoughts on marriage have been revealed, there might be plans and updates from the couple.

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How Did Danny Kilpatrick And Kyla Pratt Meet?

When most couples share their love stories, they mostly speak about how they were attracted to their would-be wife. They express how their friendship transformed into a relationship, which ended in marriage.

However, it was not the same case with Danny and his girlfriend Kyla Pratt. In the promotion of the show Black Ink Crew: Compton, Danny discussed and revealed how he and Kyla met.

Although Danny and Kyla have been together since 2008, they did not have any romantic interactions when they first met.

Danny Kilpatrick With His Daughter [Photo: Instagram]

He expressed that there was no romance between them, and many times he tried to downplay Kyla on several occasions.

Danny further added he met Kyla through her cousin, the tattoo artist said one of her cousins invited Kyla over.

He said, “I walked into the house, [and] my cousin introduced us, ‘KP, this is KP.’ She was like, ‘I’m KP.’ Then I went to my room.”

Still, their meeting went on to become a memorable one—albeit not in a good way.

Shortly after their introduction, the two got embroiled in an argument. Nonetheless, they had a good time and became friends.

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Danny And Kyla’s Children

As per the report by BuzzNigeria, the couple welcomed their first daughter Lyric Kai Kilpatrick on November 17, 2010. Shortly after the birth of their first child, Kyla decided to shift to Danny’s apartment and decided to get engaged with him.

Two years later, Danny and Kyla were blessed with a second daughter named Liyah Kilpatrick on August 6, 2013. As of this writing, Liyah and Lyric are 10 and 12 years of age, respectively.

Besides, the couple has kept their children out of the spotlight of the media. So, not much information about their daughters has been revealed to the public.

Kyla With Daughters Lyric And Liyah [Photo: Instagram]

Regarding her pregnancy experience, Kyla has expressed that it had taken a toll on her physically and mentally. She further revealed that her body did not get back to its normal state even after two years of having a baby.

Moreover, Kyla shared concern about the fact that people don’t think celebrities have the same mental challenges like everyone else.

She professed how everyone was working on something they didn’t talk about, and it should be normalized, so it becomes something everyone could bond over.